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Patna University campus to become Wi-Fi

Published On: 07 May 2012 | Last Updated On: 07 May 2012

Patna University (PU) campus will become Wi-Fi from the academic year starting in July. The constituent colleges and PG (postgraduate departments) of PU are being connected through internet to link them closely with each other and with institutions located outside.

Sources from PU computer center revealed that under the project of Union ministry of human resource development department, the National Knowledge Network Mission, all the colleges affiliated to PU would be connected through internet with the university.

A survey report of the networking project in all PG departments situated at Patna Science College, Patna College and Darbhanga House complex has been sent to the state higher education department. It has also been sent for verification to the Patna information technology department.

The BSNL will start process of laying optical fibre cables in and around PU campus after the verification process gets finished. The complete process is expected to be completed in a couple of months.

After networking of all departments gets completed, PU may plan to launch virtual classrooms.

The 75% of the total cost of networking will be borne by the central government and 25% by the state government. The university has also requested the state government to provide required number of computer systems to ensure maximum utilization of Wi-Fi.

In the meantime, preparation of examination Results and online evaluation of answer sheets of degree examinations is also ongoing. The university has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with a firm in Bangalore for this purpose.

PU may establish a directorate of vocational courses

PU is planning to establish a separate directorate of vocational courses (self funded) in order to improve the operation of all its self financing and vocational courses offered at bachelor’s and master degree levels.

PU sources revealed that the directorate would keep a check on the functioning of over 60 courses and make the academic programs and their fee structures more uniform.

A committee formed by the PU for recommending reforms in the management of self financing and vocational courses has submitted the report to university vice-chancellor.

The committee has recommended rationalizing the course fee structure as currently, different institutes charge different fee for the same course. Also different institutes offer different courses of studies for the same course. The committee has also suggested bringing uniformity in the courses of studies. The batch sizes of various course would also be made uniform based on the infrastructure availability.

These professional courses will now be offered under the semester system and initiatives have been taken to revise the admission rules and regulations for these courses.

Though the number of students enrolling in these vocational courses has become more than twice in last 5 years, no teachers have been appointed for vocational courses. The respective parent departments manage these courses.

However, the proposed directorate of vocational courses would take initiatives to resolve all the shortcomings and ensure smooth functioning of all the courses.

Source: Times of India

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