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Patna University may introduce paperless exams

Published On: 18 May 2012 | Last Updated On: 18 May 2012

Patna University (PU) is planning to introduce a system of paperless examinations from the following academic year. The university, which is upgrading its facilities as a part of its modernization plan, has already incorporated computerized assessment of answer sheets for its degree examinations this year.

The university is planning to set up a big hi-fi examination hall which could accommodate about 6000 students. Each seat will be provided with an iPad for each student to write their answers on. The answers would then be uploaded onto the university's server for evaluation.

The launch of computerized exams and assessment would reduce the quantity of manual work as well as ensure timely declaration of Results. Moreover, system will become more transparent.

From this examination season, PU implemented computerized assessment of answer sheets of Degree Part I Honours examinations in science, arts and commerce subjects. Patna University recently signed an agreement with a Bangalore based firm, Mind Logic to provide this facility. The firm has provided large scanners and computers for evaluating and scanning the answer sheets.

PU sources revealed that all the coded answer sheets of test takers were scanned and uploaded on computer systems. Examiners will be allotted computers to evaluate their own codes. The examiners need not waste time totaling marks as the computer is programmed to do that. The answer booklets will also be displayed online for students to view. This will make examiners more sincere and bring in a transparent system.

 PU is also planning to introduce virtual classrooms from next academic session. As per this system, students of a particular college can access lectures delivered by a professor of some other institute.

Source: The Times of India

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