Delhi School of Economics offers M.Phil and PhD Programmes

Delhi School of Economics offers M.Phil and PhD – At the level of the first year of the Master’s Programme in Economics in the Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics, for the entrance exams for the M.Phil. and PhD programmes, applicants will be expected to be familiar with in microeconomics, macroeconomics and statistics/econometrics.

Course Overview

During the first year, both M. Phil. and PhD students would be required to take at least four courses and score at least 50% in each course. By the Department Research Committee (DRC), the set of courses to be taken will be determined. With effect from 20th July 2018, admitted students should be prepared to attend an orientation and start attending classes. For the proposed research, the DRC may allow the student to take courses outside the department if these are thought valuable

Pre-requisites for the course

On par with other PhD students who have completed a year in the programme, at this point no additional coursework is required and the student would be treated. M.Phil. students are required to remain in residence for the first year of their programme. Within 18 months of their joining if they are full-time students,  M.Phil students who do not transition to the PhD programme must submit their dissertation and within 24 months if they are part-time students.

In the second semester of their coursework, M.Phil, Students are expected to contact faculty members and get written consent from at least one faculty member to be their supervisor. By June 30, 2019, They are expected to submit a 1000-word proposal

Duration of the course

For full-time students, the duration of the M.Phil  is 18 months and two years for part-time students. for admission on a part-time basis, permanent teachers of the University of Delhi and its constituent colleges holding a substantive post alone are eligible.

Benefits of the Course

The student shall be given one opportunity to take a re-test within 12 months if a student is not able to pass a course with 50% marks. In the second week of the winter semester, for the Summer Semester, this will typically be offered and similarly for the Winter Semester or over the summer. English is the medium of instruction and evaluation.

With aggregate marks of at least 75%, an M.Phil, a Student who has completed coursework may enter the PhD programme at the beginning of the following academic year.

Reference books

Consider the following list of indicative textbooks; however, questions will not necessarily be based on these books alone.

  • Advanced Microeconomic Theory – Geoffrey A. Jehle and Philip J. Reny
  • Advanced Macroeconomics – David Romer (iii) Basic Econometrics – D. Gujarati (iv) An Introduction to Game Theory – M. J. Osborne.Image source: website

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