Importance of Group Discussion for MBA Selection Process

Group Discussion for MBA – Group discussion constitutes a very key element in the MBA selection process. The other topics range from Business and Economy to Current Affairs to Abstract topics to gauge the accuracy of the aspiring management students.

Variety of Topics

There are a variety of topics, four types of Group Discussion topics to be precise in the MBA selection process such as Business and Economy, Current Affairs, Social Issues and Abstract topics.

The first deals with current trends in the business and economy sphere, key policy initiatives, contemporary business trends and their implications both in the domestic arena as well as the global horizon.

Second, the group discussion topics on the current affairs touch upon the local as well as international political developments, policies and issues which are hotly debated by the media circles.

The Third topic, of late, MBA courses have a more cohesive focus on topics like how to make the management graduates much more socially responsible citizens. As part of the strategy, many colleges that are offering MBA programs are laying a lot of emphasis on issues such as gender disparity, environment issues, ethics and more.

The fourth topic, Abstract group discussion, which had a slew of interpretations and the idea, was to gauge the candidate’s level of creativity and smart thinking. Therefore, it is imperative for the MBA students to learn the nuances of these tricky topics to succeed in the selection process.

WAT process at major B-Schools

Let us now see what the Group Discussion topics were asked this year at the Group Discussion and Writing Ability or WAT process at key Business Schools in India.

The IIM B, MDI Gurgaon (Gurugram) and IIM Lucknow had the topic: End of Globalisation/De-Globalisation/Nationalisation in the category: Business and Economy, while on the Social Issue category, Climate Change/Pollution was the topic which appeared in IIM Bangalore, IIM Trichy and TISS Mumbai. Similarly, the TAPMI and IIM Indore had the topic: Retirement Homes: Do Advantages of living in them outweigh the disadvantages?

On the Social Issue category, while IIM Ranchi and IIM Ahmedabad’s topic was on Social Media: Impact on human behaviour and society. In the current affairs category, MDI Gurgaon and CAP process for new IIMs had Impact of technology on jobs as the topic, while IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta the GD topic was #MeToo Campaign and IIM Delhi had Crypto Currency/Bitcoin as the topic, MDI Gurgaon had two topics for D: Banking Scams and Mars Mission for India Justified?

On the social category, the GD given by IIM Ahmedabad was Decline in open spaces and playgrounds can lead to negative tendencies in children and on Abstract topic, IIM Lucknow’s topic was Knowledge the biggest asset you can accumulate. In the Business and Economy category, IIFT asked Is India ready for the cashless economy as the GD topic.

In the Abstract category, CAP Process for New IIMs and XRI had these respective topics: Does Travelling help in generating ideas and experiential learning, and Zero. IIM Indore had given the question, “Death penalties for perpetrators of crime against women. Is it Justified?”, on the social issue category.

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