10 Tips To Manage Your Time As A Student

Time management is of utmost importance in all the phases of life more so in a student life; because for a student every second counts. A student is like a soldier on the battlefield one second lost and you lose your life here too, one topic missed and you fail in the exams. So one should manage his/her time in such a way that all the subjects are taken care of and you are ready when the exams approach.

The first step towards time management is making a list of things to be done, this does look like a very old method but old is gold and this method is based on experience.

  1. First of all, make a list –so that you don’t forget anything, resulting in last minute panic.
  2. Decide which time suits you best, some people can concentrate better at night some prefer mornings, so plan your timetable accordingly.
  3. Allot time for everything – studying, eating, relaxing, and socializing.
  4. Attach a few extra minutes here and there for the completion of a topic.
  5. To plan well give subheadings to your topic and go on jotting down every related point you come across, this will help you recapitulate later on.
  6. Choose that form of study which suits you best if its group study or self-study or a coaching class, choose that which you find comfortable.
  7. Both exercise and sleep have equal effects on your concentration so include both a 10- minute nap and 10-minutes of stretching, pulling or jogging in your schedule.
  8. Keep yourself free of all other obligations, for a student commitment to his studies is more important than anything else.
  9. Become a bit selfish and place your studies at the top in your list of priorities.
  10. Eat whenever hungry, do not over indulge but do not starve either this will help you concentrate, drink lots of water which will keep your body temperature under control and help you avoid tiredness.

The above-mentioned tips are time-tested and practical they will help you wade across the Sea of Exams comfortably thus reducing the fear factor which is associated with examinations.   Time and Tide Waits for Non – So let’s start TODAY!

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