10 Tips to prepare for a Banking Interview

Banking Interview – Despite all the hard work you put in and clear the examination, still you need to clear the interview, which is a cumbersome process in banking jobs. Unless you prepare well in a scientific way, interviews can be a very frustrating experience. If you have to land on your dream job in a bank, you certainly need to keep in mind the nuances of the interview. As it is, the interviews for banking job are painfully tough. You can expect a slew of questions, few might be logical and few others outright testing your patience.

The questions can be either from the financial services, but strictly not restricted to banking alone. You might come across hypothetical questions as well. Here are few tips that could help you to prepare yourself to the crack the interview in the banking segment.


Do a thorough study on the bank you are applying for a job. Once you are through with the background of the bank, then look for the profile of the position you had applied for. Out of the total questions, at least half a dozen posers will be either on the bank itself or about your role. To do a thorough background check, you can visit the website of the particular bank you had applied for.


As the saying goes, “The first impression is the best impression”, what you wear will decide what kind of impression you are going to create among the interviewers. The new age corporate banks prefer formal attire. Therefore, it is pertinent that you wear neat formals or smart formals for the interview. For women, the ideal dress can be either a starched plain and light coloured cotton sarees or less jarring salwar kameez with plain dupatta. Also, you can consider a light coloured blouse and trousers along with a blazer.

Make sure your make up is elegant and the use of jewellery is minimal. For men, dark coloured trouser with a light coloured shirt and a plain tie would be in the order. Wearing a blazer is not a bad idea either, though not a prerequisite. Ensure you are either clean shaven or if you have a beard, trim it to appreciable level matching with the look of your hair. Also, make sure, your shoes are polished well.


Your resume is the reflection of your personality. So, before you are called for an interview, your resume should speak on your behalf and impress the board to invite you for the interview. Along with other questions, you can most certainly expect many questions from your resume. So, what you write is important as you will have to give an explanation for what you had professed. Never cook up your qualifications or provide any false inputs in your resume. Be honest and write only what you are confident about.


Punctuality is the key, be it work or anything you do. More particularly, the banks are very particular about time management. Therefore, it would be prudent to reach the office well ahead of time. It is always safe for you to be at the designated place of interview 20 minutes before the time of your appointment.

Mobile in Airplane Mode

It is very important to ensure that your mobile is either switched off or at the most put in aeroplane mode. At the time of the interview, if your mobile phone beeps, then that can trigger outright disappointment and a great distraction too that can spell disaster.

Body Language

Your body language can reveal you’re true self. Be confident, sit straight, be relaxed and always wear a smile. Never show your nervousness by indulging in biting your nails or shaking your legs, worse still, fidgeting and playing with a host of distracting things like pen, resume, hair, paperweight and more. Listen carefully and speak only after the interviewer has finished his conversation. Answer to the point and nod your head only if it is really required. The most important aspect is to maintain eye contact, while conversing confidently, without forgetting to smile as and when possible in a natural way.

Negative Remarks

There should not be “Don’t Know” in your lexicon. If you do not know a ready-made answer for a particular answer, you can always wear a smile and engage in conversation by indirectly talking about the pertinent question and try to reason it out that you are not thorough about the question. Bottom Line: Never start with, “I Don’t Know.”


Employers usually ask about your previous jobs. Answer only the positive aspect of your previous employers and what you had contributed to your previous jobs. Never talk ill about the previous employer and give a handle to the new employer to think that you might as well bad-mouth about them.


Politeness is the key. When you enter the cabin, go with a smile and shake the hand firmly and wait for the other person asking you to take a seat. A formal Hello…How do you do etc will be more than enough and allow the person to talk. Never indulge in loose talk or try to get personal. Be formal, polite, confident, smiling and be thorough about the job role, then the job is yours.

General Knowledge

In addition to that, you can expect a lot of general knowledge related questions and banking related queries. You should have updated information about the developments happening in the banking sector, both domestic as well as global level. If you have mastered all these tips, then there is no rhyme or reason as to why you should not be selected for the job.


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