10 Top paying jobs in India

Jobs- To go to the top of the monetary ladder, one must be born rich or work hard to get rich. As most people are not born with good luck, they rely on their job to become richer. When there are various jobs in the market, it’s difficult to secure a high-paying job. You need to have in-depth knowledge and the needed qualifications from good institutes to get such a high paying post. Read below to know the top 10 paying jobs in India which you can pursue with the aim to become a millionaire. The mentioned salaries are per annum basis.

  1. Investment Bankers: Investment bankers give financial advice to the company and help to raise the capital. They are also known as “Money Man” as they deal only with money.

Entry level: Rs 12, 00,000
Mid-Career: Rs 30, 00,000
Experienced: Rs 50, 00,000+

2. Management Professionals: The role of a management professional is to manage a set of tasks for the organization. Though you need to work hard at the entry level, later there won’t be any turning back. Higher level professional can demand huge amounts.

Entry level: Rs 3, 00,000
Mid-Career: Rs 25, 00,000
Experienced: Rs 80, 00,000

3. Chartered Accountants: If you want to be a chartered accountant, you have to be extraordinarily well-groomed to hold command over Accountancy and Business.

Entry level: Rs 5, 50,000
Mid-Career: Rs12, 80,000
Experienced: Rs25, 70,000

4. Business Analyst:  Business analysts are hired on the basis of high IQ and logical thinking. Being a business analyst, as you need to analyze the competition among businesses in the market, you should be well-versed in mathematical concepts, knowledgeable enough to fill the understanding gap and open to learning new technological platforms.

Approximate income: More than 6 lakhs per annum at the beginning level

5. Aviation Professionals: If you want to work in this sector, the sky is the limit for you.

Commercial Pilot: Rs 20, 00,000
Helicopter Pilot: Rs18, 00,000
Aircraft maintenance engineer: Rs 9, 80,000

6. Medical Professionals: As there is never a recession in this field, you will get a steady career growth with no hindrance to the salary.

General Practice: Rs 4, 80,000
General Surgeon: Rs 8, 10,000
Medical Doctor: Rs 17, 00,000

7. Oil and Natural Gas Sector Professionals: This is one of the fields which can give you more profit.

Experienced: Rs15-20 lakhs with all other perks

8. Law Professionals: To be a top-notch lawyer, you should have a high level of education, communicative skills, and patience. In this field, you can demand a huge package for a single argument as well.

Corporate lawyer: Rs 6, 10,000
Senior attorney: Rs 9, 50,000

9. IT and Software Engineers: If you are good at computers and computer language, this is your field.

Entry level: Rs 3, 50,000
Mid-Career: Rs 8, 30,000
Experienced: Rs15, 50,000

10. Marketing: Marketing is an art and if you can learn this art, you can even become the CEO of a company.

Entry level- Rs1, 50,000
Mid-Career- Rs 5, 00,000
Experienced- Rs 10, 00,000+


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