5 important points to attend an interview

Interviews!!! A threat is necessary an evil object of harassment and the most dreaded part of a person’s life. Be it for admissions to schools, or be it for admissions to college or be it for entry into the matrimonial scene or be it for a job.

Why do we dread interviews? why is that we are ready to appear in as many written exams as needed but when it comes to interviews we get jittery that is because it’s not only our knowledge which is being tested here but it is our confidence which is at the disposal of the interviewer we feel as if we are his mercy as if we are exposed before him as if our weaknesses are caught by a third person or a group of persons the board members. We hate being judged by our physical attributes. But that is exactly what is the main aim of conducting an interview, to see our confidence level; The employer wants to see how will we project him and his products to the world, will our attitude be forceful enough to make him a winner!!.

So in order to face an interviewer with confidence, we should keep in mind the following 5 points.

We should have an exhaustive knowledge about the company we are going to for the interview. The interviewer should feel happy that the candidate has so much knowledge of his company and its product. We can gather all the knowledge required with the help of the internet. So it’s not a problem collecting all the relevant information.

Apart from your educational qualification certificates also keep handy any other document which tells about your additional skills.

Show willingness to go out of your way to work for the company, tell them you are ready to travel or to go to postings in remote areas or you will work for extra hours if the situation demands.

Do not impose your likes and dislikes, it is you who needs the job not, they who need you. Unless the demand something very atrocious or out of the ordinary agree to their demands. Be flexible in your attitude.

Show your good behaviour and good manners at every step for every one you come across, the first impression is the last they say so your first impression should be such that the bosses to be are impressed and choose you instead of the equally qualified but not so polished counterpart of yours.

In addition to this be smartly dressed in formal attire, look and feel confident, and show a positive body language put up a good show. Your leadership qualities should impress the interviewer to speak with confidence, politeness does not mean whimpering be forthright, ask questions if you have any but only pertinent ones not foolish ones.

Let the interviewer worry about losing you.

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