5 Things you should never say in an interview

5 Things you should never say in an interview – The most challenging work in an interview is how effectively you are able to sell yourself for the job. What to say, what not to say in an interview, how to create a good impression of yourself in front of the hiring manager may seem more difficult to you than having the technical knowledge of the domain. With the anxiety to answer all the questions correctly, sometimes we make some basic mistakes which might cost us our bread and butter. So here are five things you should be careful enough to never say when you are attending your next interview.

  1. Do you mind if I take the call? – We all have our priorities for our family and friends. But while in an interview, answering a call or text message is very rude and it signifies that you value your personal life more. Asking the interviewer to answer a personal call during the interview gives the impression that the prospect of getting hired is not your priority. So put your phone in silent when you are attending an interview and reply to all the calls and messages once your interview is over.
  2. What is the salary for this position? – Of course the salary might be on your top priority list when you are applying for a job, but asking this directly to the hiring manager before you are selected for the position denotes you as a money minded person and creates a bad impression in front of the interviewer that you are switching job only because of money and the same you can do with this company as well. So do not bring up money matter till you are sure of getting the job.
  3. I didn’t like my previous manager – Do not share the bad experience you had with the previous manager or colleagues or the company with the potential manager because by doing this, you are making the interviewer question about your confidentiality for the potential company. Instead, mention how effectively you handled the job pressure and how adaptable you are to work in a difficult environment.
  4. How much vacation will I get? – It’s too early to ask about vacations when you have not yet got the offer in hand. You have to prove yourself first that you are fit for the job before showing the eagerness to go on a vacation. Prospective employers want to see your enthusiasm for the new role, not about the vacation policy of the organization.
  5. I don’t have any questions – Telling that you don’t have any questions shows you are not interested to know anything about your position. So ask some questions like “Can you let me know about the kind of projects I might be working on, how is the performance measured, etc.”

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