5 tips on why should parent’s spiral bind textbook

Spiral binding means joining the pages of a book with the help of a plastic or metal coil passed through holes in the pages of the book.

The Advantages of Spiral Binding:

1) The pages can be opened a full 360 degrees. A book which is spiral bound can open itself fully and still be flat so it is easy to manage and takes a minimum amount of table space in comparison to its other counterparts the saddle stitching and perfect binding methods. The main advantage it offers is that because it opens completely no words get stuck between the pages and we have access to all information, no words hidden between the joints or the spine o the book as it is called.

2) The pages turn easily and stay firm When opened; the pages of a spiral bound book rotate around the coil. So spiral bound pages have no spinal tension in them. This allows the pages to stay firm and do not need to be held so as they don’t turn themselves making reading or writing difficult. In addition to books, wall calendars are often spiral bound so the pages turn easily and hang or keep themselves in position as they are needed to be flat against the wall or against the table.

3) It can accommodate both thick books with many pages and thin books with a lesser number of pages. Spiral coils come in a variety of diameters to accommodate books of varying thicknesses. The coil diameter comes in different sizes to suit the number of pages and also appear comfortable and pleasing to the eye. The coils in plastic or metals come in different colors. Plastic coils are more popular because of less distortion as compared to metal.

4) Index tabs find it easy to work with this kind of binding. Because the spiral binding method allows pages to turn freely and stay firm without the need to manually hold them open, it nearly always the best choice projects that require tabbed page dividers.  Dividers with printed tabs are always welcome by makers of reference documents – because they allow the user to quickly locate a specific page or topic. The tabs are often printed in varying colours and coded numerically to make them even easier to use.

5) This method of binding is readily available. Spiral binding is a straightforward process and requires no adhesives also the coils come in different shapes and colours and can be used to differentiate between various documents.

The above-mentioned points are all in favor of spiral binding and suit the desired needs of all including, children, students, parents, and researchers. One more point which is ore to the advantage of parents is that children find it difficult to tear pages from spiral bound notebooks.

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