6 Ways to Enhance your Present Skills

Skills- It is a cut-throat world today, where you need to upgrade your skills to remain employable constantly. With the worldwide recession and layoffs rampant across the globe, finding and keeping a job is becoming a real challenge. Apart from academic abilities, there are some other essential skills for a careerist. Here are six skills that will improve your employability in the eyes of recruiters.

  1. A Generalist More than a Specialist

We have grown up thinking that “Jack of all trades” is a bad thing. But nowadays, that is not true. Knowledge or at least familiarity with different fields can stand you apart. Most jobs are not restricted to just one skill. For example, you might be a technical writer, who has to design graphics for the manual you are writing. So it helps to be a generalist, along with having some specific skills. It can also make you a likely candidate for increased job opportunities.

  1. Communication is the Key

From the time you appear for an interview, to your regular work in the office, to all kinds of official correspondence and discussions – communication skills are of utmost importance. You need to able to talk and share your achievements, goals, and abilities, and if you are a capable communicator, nothing can stop you from climbing the job ladder.

  1. Networking for Better Jobs

In the long term, social and professional networking will have an impact on your employability. Often people think of networking as having no value or a waste of time, but if you look at successful business leaders, you will know that networking is important. It is essential to make contact with like-minded people not only for jobs but to learn new skills and improve them with others’ help.

  1. Values You Have

Human values are one of the most ignored aspects in a professional context. Even if you are part of a corporate world, at the end of the day, it is human beings interacting with other human beings. Studies suggest that firms are looking for people with not just technical skills but fundamental human values like honesty, punctuality, commitment, and loyalty.

  1. Emotional Quotient

Another significant area that decides your employability is emotional quotient. A person can identify, acknowledge, and respect own emotions and other people’s emotions. In a workplace, it is essential for an employee to have a balance for their feelings and appreciate colleagues’ sentiments as well.

  1. Hobbies and Passion

Developing your hobbies displays your multi-faceted personality to employers. Being passionate about hobbies indicates that you are a highly committed person and also, your hobbies can open up more job opportunities for you. Many IITians are authors and many arts graduates who are in top positions in IT firms.

Start developing these qualities and make wonders happen in your professional and personal life.

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