A Career In Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy is a career of the ships and the seas but it is different from the navy or the naval forces. While the latter belong to the three forces in the service of the defence of a country; merchant navy belongs to the commercial activities, the trades and the traders from the sea. Big companies employ them to run their commercial ships which carry their cargo from one place to another.

Among the many factors which lure a person to this career is the thrill of travelling all over the world, and the lure of the adventure of the high seas. The pay packet is another factor which is very alluring high pay together heavy perks, a luxurious lifestyle, and annual leave and medical facilities.

Merchant Navy is a very lucrative and indispensable career it is the backbone of international trade without the Merchant Navy the import-export business would come to an end; no cargo will be able to reach its destination. The Merchant Naval Officer has a glamorous career good pay good perks the opportunity to travel and visit places and also meeting challenges of the sea which can be very thrilling.

To join a marine engineering course you should have completed 10+2 with at least 60% marks in PCM group, you should be physically fit with no record of any chronic diseases or illnesses eyesight should be between + 2.5 and -2.5 age limit is 20 years; if you have fulfilled all these criteria then you can take admission in a Marine Engineering course or B Tech in Marine Engineering.

Salary can range from 12000 to 8 lakhs per month it varies from company to company.

A Junior engineer gets around Rs 30,000 per month with free boarding and lodging, A third engineer Rs 50,000 pm and a chief engineer Rs 2lakhs per month together with this duty-free goods, four months leave with pay and no income tax to be paid. So you get paid to satisfy your wander dreams, the only set back is the long months away from family but that is amply compensated.  Become engineering and travel the seas!

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