A Career out of Tasting Coffee – PG Diploma in Coffee Quality Management

PG Diploma in Coffee Quality Management – Have you ever wondered what a dream job would be? A job that pays for doing what you love the most, isn’t it? But it is hard to search for such a position that would be close to your heart and pays you handsomely. For all the caffeine addicts, the search ends right here. If you love coffee and have graduation in Biotechnology, you are at the perfect place on the earth right now. You could earn just by making sure your daily coffee is perfectly alright. Sounds like a miracle? Read on to know more about this dream job.

At this job, you will be responsible for making sure the coffee that is produced by the company is of the most excellent quality. This involves tasting the coffee and making sure high-quality standards are followed in the preparation of the coffee. Coffee quality management is a relatively new field in this country though it is prevalent in other coffee producing countries. In recent times, both the regulators and the consumers demand more quality and safety in food products. This makes the position of Coffee quality manager inevitable in the industries.


Post Graduate Diploma in Coffee Quality Management

To meet the growing need of quality managers in coffee industries the Post Graduate Diploma in Coffee Quality Management (PGCQM) course was set up by the Coffee Board of India, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. It aims to equip the students with the necessary skills required to maintain the quality of the coffee in the industries. The course covers various types of coffee, their cultivation, processing and the techniques needed to evaluate the taste and quality of the coffee.

The duration of the course is one year, and the diploma is offered by the Coffee Board of India. Students are admitted in both open quotas and sponsored by the coffee industry. Candidates must have completed their graduation in Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Bioscience, Food Technology, Environmental Science and Agricultural Science. Priority will be given to the students who are sponsored by the coffee industry. As this job is based mainly on the senses, a sensory evaluation test will be part of the selection process. Other than that academic qualification and a personal interview will be used for the admissions.

The application form should either be collected in person from the Coffee Board at Bangalore or can be downloaded from their website. An application fee of Rs.500 shall be paid by the candidate at the time of sending the printed application form. Accommodation will be provided for the first trimester at the coffee plantations in Balehonnur and Chikmagalur. For the remaining two trimesters, students have to make their arrangement for accommodation at Bangalore.

For details of the course you can direct ly visit the official website of the Coffee Board of India – https://www.indiacoffee.org
Image Source – Coffee Board of India

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