A New Development in Robotics Education

Automation and robotics are the future, and no one can ignore it. The world of today is growing more and more complex. Some tough global challenges are looming near, and consequently, the need for individuals to be able to solve these tough challenges through a combination of gathering knowledge, analysing it, and then coming with suitable solutions is on the rise.

Educators and institutions are constantly looking for hands-on, long-term, and low cost approaches to encourage students towards educating themselves in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine – STEM at all levels of education.  Robotics is one such area that needs skilled people to take it forward.

The Nature of Robotics

The study of competitive robotics comprises all the four subjects of STEM along with developing essential skills like communication, teamwork, as well as the project-based approach to assignments.

Background to Robo Whiz

TAL Manufacturing Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Group of Companies. It made the first robot in India that was entirely manufactured in the country – named BRABO. BRABO was developed to push mechanisation in the Indian markets with a low-cost solution.  The initiative was hugely successful, and BRABO took off in a significant way, since its launch in April 2017.

A New Initiative – Robo Whiz

The success of BRABO encouraged TAL Manufacturing to innovate further, and the result is “Robo Whiz” It is an education cell aimed at universities and polytechnics to provide aspiring students with practical experience. The goal is to help these students to develop the necessary skills for management of Robotics and Automation technology and put it to proper use.

Currently, robotics and automation are playing a crucial in the manufacturing and assembly areas. This will soon expand to other areas of industry and application areas for robotics is expected to grow at high speed. Therefore, the workforce of tomorrow needs to have the skills to handle these changes.

Robo Whiz will address this need by enabling students to develop their knowledge of robotics. TAL Manufacturing is actively coming forward to collaborate with the education community to build a proper syllabus, solutions, and other tools for the promotion of industrial robotics.

Robo Whiz – The Differentiators

The robotic arms made by foreign manufacturers are very limited when it comes to accessing the configuration and controller of the robot. Robo Whiz, on the other hand, has an open architecture, allows access to the controller and has an open platform for students to learn about robotics and how to develop robots. The integration of robotic technology with other technologies increases the range of industrial applications it can be used for, and Robo Whiz allows students to experiment with the variety of forms a robot can be used.

Image source:Dominik Scythe

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