A year’s break after college before post graduation – A synopsis

A year’s break after college before post graduation is it really necessary? Is it advisable? In foreign countries may be yes but in India, I feel it is just a waste of time and energy.

In foreign countries especially in the affluent west, this may be recommended because when people take a break from studies for a year they normally learn more things, become mature, earn for their fees etc.  But here in India, it is a sheer waste of one year from the pages of your life. In India hardly 1% of the children work and earn for their studies, the parents support them till they pass and get there degrees. It’s another story that the parents may go deep into debts but they will never think of letting their children work.

Secondly, the children too, once they get out from the day to day strain of college they want to relax. The may be having all good intentions but these intentions get drowned in the sea of laziness. They keep on postponing their studies and in the process get out of touch, as a result, they become weak in studies, their mind gets diverted in fact some MBBS Graduates even get married and settle down instead of pursuing their PG. ( MD or MS Degrees ) which is so important in their career.

A year’s break or a Gap year as they call it is only of value while preparing for your entrance exams, i.e before your PMT or PET entrance or others entrance exams. Because the children have just come out their 12th exam and need some time to adjust to and brush up their preparedness for the entrance and one year’s gap helps them to revise the whole course to get ready for the exam.

Thus except for in the case of preparing for the undergraduate entrance exams a gap year is an absolute waste of time. You lose one year of your career and sometimes one year of your life (in cases where you drop the idea of doing your PG. Especially in a girls case where the parents suddenly decide that she should be married off. So if you are interested in a good career, complete it in one go don’t take a break. One more very important point with our political scene changing every day we have politicians making changes in the education policy you never know what change will be made and what kind of effect it will have on your life so finish of while still following the same set of rules. Advise to every student “Study while the sun shines”. It is the best time to complete your studies at least post graduations. Always remember it is what you learn that will come along with you. I’m sure some of you will disagree? We respect your view and would love to hear your comments here.

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