Adding diagrams to your answers

Adding diagrams to your answers is a very important feature of a good answer. Both the main text and the diagram complement each other.  The diagram plays a bigger and more important role in your efforts of fetching good marks.

Diagrams cover all that is important about an answer they at times explain those things which words are unable to put forth.

Diagrams  are  like a poem,  poems  do not need accurate grammar  or proper construction of sentences  all  they  need  is the feeling  the passion and the way the poet writes every feeling reaches the reader without the grammatical paraphernalia, Similarly a diagram is like a poem it conveys to the reader the idea behind a theory it tells using the language of  sketching  the why and the wear  and the how of a phenomenon.

At times the examiner sees that a diagram has been put and he looks at it if he finds everything correct then he does not even look at the written words he allots marks based on the accuracy of the diagram assuming that a student who could draw such a perfect diagram must have written an equally perfect answer.

Diagrams are as important for a child studying in class 2 as it is for him who studies in college or for him who sits in a space lab and works at complicated discoveries and inventions regarding the earth and its surroundings. Diagrams can be charts, graphs, maps, grids, histograms, frequency curve and polygon Lorenz curves etc for higher and more complicated fields of electronics, engineering etc. but for the school going child who has just discovered the beauties of nature and who has just started to learn how nature and life are related it is the water cycle or the water table diagram which is so important.

One diagram which has been used by nearly all students in their student career is the diagram of the” water cycle “As we all know the water cycle is an important chapter and questions do come from this lesson everyone writes a short note describing the water cycle and then draws the diagram and it is a fact that if a student forgets to draw the diagram the invigilator reminds him kind-heartedly that he should draw the diagram where required and the student takes the hint. Parents and teachers are constantly reminding the students that diagrams should be drawn where ever needed.

Thus diagrams do play an important role in fetching marks for the examinee whether he belongs to the primary school or the space research center at Nasa.

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