Admissions open for MBBS at CMC Vellore

CMC Vellore –The renowned Christian Medical College at Vellore, more predominantly known as CMC has opened up the admissions for both undergraduate and postgraduate masters courses. Admissions have been made open for courses like MBBS,  B.Sc Nursing, Allied Health Science Degree, Nursing, Diploma, MSc, MPH and other fellowship courses.

The applications have been rolled out online on their official website from February 14, 2019. If googling for websites isn’t quite your comfort zone, please click the following link to port yourself to CMC applications webpage –

Before you head over to enrol yourself, bear in mind that the admissions into CMC for the aforementioned courses do carry a certain eligibility criterion – the primary eligibility factor being the educational qualification.

As per the new norms laid by the government, all candidates who are interested in taking up an MBBS degree course would need to have cleared the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Candidatures that have not cleared the NEET would automatically be disqualified.

Candidates interested in taking up the Nursing course should have cleared their 10th and 12th common exams in their first attempt. Also, the candidates who have applied for the course should have had Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as core subjects in senior secondary examinations (or equivalent) with a minimum aggregate of 50% as a regular student from a recognised board.


Apart from the aforementioned key points, candidates appearing for the final year of the qualifying exams are also deemed eligible to apply, however, the candidature would be considered provisional.

However, the scores obtained in the NEET exams would be considered as the primary source of eligibility in regards to the MBBS admission process. On the other hand, the selection process for the other courses has not been announced yet and the candidates have been asked to await further instructions through the official notification.

To help you get through, please find the following syllabus for the NEET exams


Physics Chemistry Biology

1.     Gravitation, Kinematics, Laws of Motion

2.     Kinetic theory and perfect gas

3.     The system of particles, rigid body

4.     Oscillations, waves

5.     Work, Power and Energy

6.     Bulk matter and its properties

7.     Measurement, SI units

8.     Heat, Temperature, Thermodynamics and its laws

9.     Nuclei and Atoms

10.                        Electricity- Static and Current

11.                        Properties of matter, dual nature and radiation

12.                        Ray optics and optical instruments

13.                        Light- Reflection, Refraction, and laws

14.                        Magnetism and magnetic effects

15.                        Electrostatics


1.     Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

2.     Equilibrium

3.     Environmental Chemistry

4.     Structure of Atom

5.     Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

6.     Properties of Matter- Gases and Liquids

7.     s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals)

8.     p- block elements

9.     Thermodynamics

10.                        Equilibrium

11.                        Redox reactions

12.                        Haloalkenes and Haloarenes

13.                        Surface Chemistry

14.                        Solid state


1.     Diversity in Living World

2.     Structural organisation in animals and plants

3.     Cell structure and function

4.     Plant physiology

5.     Human physiology

6.     Reproduction

7.     Genetics and evolution

8.     Biology and Human welfare

9.     Biotechnology and its applications

10.                        Ecology and the environment.


As mentioned earlier, the application forms are found on the official website. The last date for submitting the application and the payment is on March 26, 2019, and the documents requested should reach the Registrar by  April 2, 2019.

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