All Eyes on Farming and Defence forces- Mumbai Civic School students

Survey Results – The result of the survey, conducted by the BMC, is surprising, as such a percentage of students in the country’s financial capital have shown an inclination towards the farming profession, a senior civic official said.

Succeeded by the defence and police services, over 9 percent students of the civic-run schools in the megapolis Mumbai want to take up farming as a profession, says a report of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. While 7.25 percent is keen on police services out of the 12, 500 students of class 9 surveyed in 210 schools, the rest 9.46 percent say they want to be agriculturists, 7.3 percent aim to join the Armed Forces as per the report of the BMC’s career counseling programme.

Significant Statements

While 4.11 percent wants to take up the accountancy as their profession, 6.99 percent of students wants to be paramedics said the report released on Sunday. The BMC, in a bid to make the Class 9 students ‘ready for future’, partnered with city-based NGO Antarang last year and started providing career counseling to them.

“The students were asked about their career orientation and 9.46 percent of them showed interest in the field of agriculture,” the official said.

“Even we were quite surprised to know that a big number of students want to be agriculturists, despite the fact that most of them have never been to farms,” he said. The results of the counseling programme were shared with parents individually, he said.

While students of private schools can afford to go to coaching classes for better career guidance, those in civic-run institutions are generally deprived of it because of their poor financial conditions.

“Therefore, the BMC thought of asking students about their career plans and planned the counseling session so that we could start working now for their better future. These sessions will help them in career-building,” the official said.

The scope of Farming and Defence

Farming enterprises include crop, livestock, poultry, fish, free, sericulture etc. A combination of one or more enterprises added with proper cropping when carefully chosen planned and executed give greater dividends than a single enterprise, especially for small and marginal farmers. Farm as a unit is to be considered and planned for effective integration of the enterprises to be combined with crop production activity.

Defence Studies or Military Studies are also be known as Strategic Studies, as it encompasses war, national security studies, military science and other aspects related to military or defence of the nation. To gain more perspective and to help develop strategies the individual should know the geographies and military geopolitics, it will help them make informed decisions.

It has an interdisciplinary approach to it with focus on aspects like conflict resolution, conflict management, economic defence, science and technology and more another subject that help you contribute to various defence organizations like Military, Navy, Air Force, etc.

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