AMU Literary Festival 2019 begins at Kennedy Hall Auditorium on March 8

AMU Literary Festival 2019 – The three-day Literary Festival 2019 has begun on March 8, at Aligarh Muslim University’s Kennedy Hall Auditorium, where writers, poets, columnists and journalists including Sagarika Ghose, Siddharth Varadarajan, Jaishree Mishra, Jerry Pinto, Asghar Wajahat, Kurita Paul Kumar, Apoorvanand, Zia us Salam, Rekha Sethi and Nazia Erum are taking part, as per NDTV report.

Ansab Amir Khan, Secretary, Literary Club told the television channel, “The eagerly awaited, three-day literary extravaganza organised by the Cultural Educational Centre (CEC) of the University will have book drops and swaps, live eclectic musical and theatre performances and a great feeling of bonhomie.”

Citing the statement issued by the Aligarh Muslim University, the report said that the festival is more than just a celebration of books as it will celebrate all forms of art.

‘Literary Festival 2019’ will begin with a public lecture by Ramnath Goenka awardee, Siddharth Varadarajan (founding editor of The Wire) on ‘Under Siege: The Media and the Idea of a University’ and a panel discussion with Jaishree Misra, Jerry Pinto and Prof Shafey Kidwai as speakers on ‘The Relevance of Literary Festivals’ will follow.

The first day also had a storytelling and recitation session by Syed Asghar Wajahat. Jerry Pinto, Dr Nafis Faizi and M Danish Iqbal will join a panel to discuss ‘Reading Literature in the Age of 140 Characters’ on March 9. The day includes, launch of Ziya us Salam’s book, ‘Lynch Files’; panel discussions on ‘Ground(ed) Report in the Digital Space’ with Mahtab Alam, Shoaib Daniyal and Gulam Jeelani as speakers and on ‘Majoritarianism: The ‘Undoing of Democracy’ with Ziya Us Salam, Shoaib Daniyal and Prof Asmer Beg as speakers.

Nazia Erum, author of the critically acclaimed book, ‘Mothering a Muslim’ will have a conversation with students during the second-day proceedings, said the report.

The final day will begin with panellists, Rahman Abbas, Prof Shafey Kidwai, Prof Siraj Ajmal and Prof Tariq Chhatari discussing ‘Urdu Novel ka Badalta Manzarnamah’. Dr Shah Alam, Prof Apoorvanand, Manoj Jha and Harsh Mander will be the panellists for the discussion on ‘Literature and Resistance: Rethinking the Politics of Literature’. The day will include a poetry session by Dr Sukrita Paul Kumar and Dr Rekha Sethi, a lecture on ‘Journalism in the Age of Mascular Nationalism’ by Sagarika Ghose, a talk on ‘Main Aur Musalman, Aapbeeti, Jagbeeti’ by Saurabh Dwivedi (Founder, Lallantop), added the report.

A session on a book, ‘Aks-e-Yusuf’ will be held featuring Mohammad Sabeeh Bukhari, Nadim Mahir and Prof Shafey Kidwai.

The last day of the festival will end with a ‘Tribute to Ankit Chadha and Dastan-e-Tamanna-e-Sarfaroshi’ by Himanshu Bajpai, Shivah Bhattacharya and Vedanth Bharadwaj and a special Qawwali performance.

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