An Insight into Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering is that branch of engineering which teaches manufacturing, designing, mechanical-mechanisms as well operations of automobiles. It is an introduction to vehicle engineering which deals with motorcycles, cars, buses trucks etc.

  • In India, the automobile industry is growing by leaps and bounds what with the government also taking a keen interest and coming up with an automotive mission plan -2 which aims at making India a worldwide leader in two and four wheelers by 2020. We can put the Indian automobile industry under the following heads.
  • Production of 17.5 million vehicles annually
  • 4thlargest automotive market by volume
  • 89 percent growth rate in exports
  • New automotive mission plan-2(2016-26)
  • Make in India campaign’ – focusing on building India a ‘manufacturing hub’

The job profiles can be listed under the following:

Automotive Technicians – who are generally responsible for servicing repairing and overall maintenance?

Car Mechanics – this is a field which is overflowing with opportunities as brands like Jaguar by Tatas having a strong presence in the domestic as well as foreign market.

Bike Mechanics: Many Globally recognized brands like Harley Davidson and Triumph are expanding and require automobile engineers.

Diesel Mechanics: They are responsible for repairing and maintenance of diesel engines.

Automobile Designers: These designers are responsible for working on shape, size, etc. of vehicles. Every feature of the car requires an expert designer to design it.

Executive and Managerial Positions:  Companies recruiting are Tatas, Bajaj, Maruti Suzuki, Ashok Leyland, Toyota, Hyundai, Hero Honda, Yamaha, Mahindra and Mahindra, and Honda.

Transmission Principles, Engine Electrical Systems, Circuits and Electronics, Engine Principles, Power train Systems, Automotive Design and Manufacturing

Steering and Suspension Fuel and Emission Control Systems Fluid Mechanics

Heat Transfer and all these subjects are freely available in all colleges offering the course.

Skilled professionals are needed for Designing, development, and manufacturing of vehicles, Blue print preparations for vehicles and its components, working as maintenance and service engineers, working in workshops, working in the aircraft industry, other industries like aviation, marine vessels, diesel power stations, and using technically advanced and also traditional technologies to engineer vehicles .

Thus Automobile industry is one industry which was thriving in its traditional form and is thriving in the latest technologically advanced form too. If a person takes up this field as a career he has a good pay packet considering the names of the players in the field and their previous and contemporary record. Click her for the list of Automobile Engineering Colleges.

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