An Insight into Robotic Engineering

The Slavic word ‘robota’, which means labour, is the originator of the word Robot.  Robotics is that branch of engineering, and science which comprises of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and others. It deals with the use of Robots and also with their design, construction, and operation. It also deals with computer systems, sensory feedback and information processing all for their control.

The reason why most Robots are made to resemble humans is that it makes it easy for people to accept them for doing works related to humans eg walking, lifting, dropping even speaking etc rather we can say they can do anything that a human does.

Today many of the robots are inspired by nature (bio-inspired robotics). With the advance in science, Robots are becoming increasingly used in the domestic field the commercial field and also in the military. Robots do jobs that are dangerous for humans. Like diffusing bombs, entering craters and mines .rescuing survivors from ruins, helping in locating shipwrecks.

Robotics is helpful in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths). Robots are used as tools to facilitate education too in schools and colleges. They increase interest in computer programming in children. First-year computer science courses include Robotics or robot programming as a subject together with software programming as a course.

Robotics related jobs are also on the increase, especially because factories have stated using Robots for helping them with heavy and dangerous work. This has also increased productivity and profits in the industry because they save time and prevent accidents.

Apart from this, Robot saves many lives, as they go and work in unhealthy situations preventing humans from getting affected by contamination from pollution contagious diseases etc. They protect humans from radioactive exposure. Not only this they are a big help psychologically too because they do monotonous jobs which in the past used to be done by humans and used to cause many emotional and psychological problems.

Thus Robot engineering is one of the best inventions of the human race; it is a boon and a helping hand that saves lives. It is going to be of great use in future in all fields of life it is not only shaped like a human but it is a duplicate that protects the original. There are many colleges and universities offering Robotic Engineering. Here are the lists of universities for your reference.

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