An Overview BA in Culinary arts

The way to not only every man’s heart but to the hearts of women and children too is through the taste buds and in order to satisfy those taste buds you should join a course in culinary arts.

To enter a Culinary degree course ( BA in Culinary arts) you have to be a high school pass. If a person opts for a BA in Culinary arts then he /she will be trained in the following areas

Sanitation and safety meaning cleanliness and caution during cooking one should keep the surroundings of the cooking area clean and one should have safety habits he/she should not be accident prone as the kitchen is a place full of hazards.

  • Product selection means candidates are taught how to select good quality products.
  • Baking and pastry making course
  • Food and service management which means not only cooking but also the presentation and other, like what to serve with what, when to serve what etc
  • All about fish, poultry and meat, quality, its availability it’s storing and its reparation.
  • Catering is an obvious field in the course dealing with Culinary Arts

In other words hands-on training and work-experience in cooking and service management is the core of this course. Apart from cooking and service management the course also teaches budgeting and managing.

Students are also given training in wine, baking and pastry arts and most require internship training and experience to work with customers, this is very important because humans are the most inhuman beings. And one should be alert while dealing with them.

Entry level opportunities for graduates may include Sous Chef, Food preparation and serving supervisor, Chef de cuisine.

With the popularity of the tourism industry and with the exposure of the home crowd to international cuisine the scope for this branch is on the rise. Because chefs and caterers and restaurant managers are not only required in the hotel industry but big corporate houses have their own canteens and guest houses where they entertain their clients from the overseas in fact big corporate houses prefer to make their guests stay in their own guest houses instead of a restaurant. The canteens in these corporate houses are also of world- class standard.

Other than this big hospitals also need chefs who know what food to provide to the patients a nutritionist decides but a chef prepares. Residential schools employ them too because the health of children and teachers is of prime concern here. The quality of food is nearly always discussed in Parent-teacher meetings.

With a lot of stress being laid on cleanliness, sanitation, quality and presentation this field is the only choice for the employers and they will go in for the best.  These days’ event management companies also require chefs and caterers. In fact they have their own fleet of .people who deal in all aspects of party arrangements in fact these culinary experts are the backbone of the event management industry.

Thus be it a restaurant, a big five star hotel, an event management company a residential school, or a hospital, Bachelors and masters in culinary art are the craze of the hour.

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