Are Grades and Marks Important In Today’s Scenario

From time immemorial, marks, grades and report cards have been the criteria for measuring the intelligence of a person. Parents have always depended on the report cards to fathom the intelligence of their children. Some have built castles of hope looking at the grades of their children in school and some have lost sleep over their child’s grades in exams.

But our report cards so important in today’s scenario? In these changing times where multiple job opportunities are coming up, it’s the talent and the knowledge which is becoming important, not grading. People today believe in overall intelligence, and personality. When you go for a job interview it’s not only your marks that play a role in you getting selected but it’s your overall personality, the way you carry yourself, the way you put your point and convince the person in the chair that gets you the job or finds you unsuitable. So it is more the knowledge that matters in life than the marks obtained in an examination.

But all said we have not to forget the fact that you will get the opportunity to face an interview only when you pass the criteria of being called for the interview, and only when you reach the cut off marks, you will get admission into a good university or professional course, and only when you meet the minimum requirement which is dependent upon the marks obtained by you in your academic career.

So, we can say that marks and grades will not lose their importance for the selection criteria to any good educational institute or selection for an interview in an employer’s office. You may excel through your hard work and dedication but to enter the organization you have to depend on the marks obtained by you in the various examinations of the academic field. Marks make it easy for the prospective universities or the prospective employers to decide on your caliber.

We may say that grading makes one lose his self- esteem or that grading encourages discrimination. But then it also encourages healthy competition, it encourages a person to try and achieve to improve on his performance. Even otherwise we do find it unable to understand what our position is among the rest in our class if we don’t know our grades. We cannot understand where we stand among all.

Thus though marks may not be all that important in one’s life these days of a growing job market but, it will always be the first step towards your life’s career chart.

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