Are skills or degrees important for a Job

It is a matter of considerable debate – which is more important, skills or degree for doing a job? Degree and skills go together hand in hand – they are two sides of the same coin. You need to have both a degree and job skills to succeed in your career. A degree without the necessary skills will make you fail at your job, while if you have the skills, but not a degree, you might not be considered for the position in the first place. Both complement each other.

What a degree does is, it certifies on paper, that you have a particular skill. Skilled people may not have a degree, and similarly, a person holding a degree might not have the required skills. It all depends on what kind of job you are doing. That decides which is more important – a degree or a skill.

What is a Degree?

Here are some important things to know about a degree:

  • A degree authenticates the fact that the person who has applied for the job knows how to do the job can manage all aspects of it and justify the hiring of the person.
  • Having a degree gives a person more confidence to look for the job he or she wants. It is an essential part of personality development.
  • Society recognises the degree holder. Often a person is judged on his qualifications, and that is shown by the degree he holds.
  • The degree has an impact on the job designation and salary earned. A specialised degree can get a better job designation and pay package.
  • Having a degree can make a person wiser and humbler. It gives a person the authority to do a job, difficult without a degree.

What is a Skill?

And now, some critical things about skills:

  • A person having a degree may not be necessarily skilled. Skills are what help you to achieve goals, not degrees.
  • A skill is a very abstract term that is difficult to measure and quantify. A skill covers a wide area wherein an individual can do a particular task and can do it well repeatedly.
  • Skills determine success, not degrees. A degree may get you a job, but you will need the necessary professional skills to do the job right.
  • Ultimately it is the skills that draw employers, clients, and other stakeholders towards you. If you do not have skills, you will not get the attention you deserve.
  • History shows that skills are of higher value than degrees

Let us put it this way, the degree is the theoretical part, while skills are the practical application of what is taught to a degree. To succeed in life, you need a degree, but also the skills to forge ahead.

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