Are Students Comfortable With Webinars

When we combine the two words Web and Seminar we get the word Webinar. Thus, the webinar is short for a web-based seminar. When a presentation, a lecture, a workshop or a seminar is transmitted over the web and uses video conferencing we call it a webinar.

Webinars have made a place for them in today’s world because they enable a candidate to get in touch with seminars conducted all across the world. A person can interact with the concerned people and at the same time share his ideas, receive information provided by others and also discuss all at the same time sitting in one’s room. A person need not travel all the way to attend a seminar thus putting his time and money at stake.

By attending webinars people not only save time and money but they can be at various places at one given time. A click of the mouse and you shift from one place to another. A key factor or the most important feature of a webinar is the ability to interact and discuss topics in real time.

We find that students prefer webinars to the traditional seminars for all the above-said reasons. They feel that –

  1. Through webinars, they save time and money
  2. Through webinars, they get an easy approach to discussions from all over the world
  3. They can attend multiples of lectures and discussions sitting at home
  4. They save a lot of time for other academic activities and pursuits
  5. They can get a hold of the topic and get access to different views all at the same time
  6. With the help of audio/video facilities, points can be discussed and new destinations reached

To put it, in a nutshell, today’s student prefers a Webinar for the simple reason that it not only widens his horizon of knowledge and expertise but also gives him scope to learn, achieve, share and discuss. It also saves a lot of his time, energy and money. Students coming from not so affluent strata of society also prefer this as it brings a whole panorama of the world of education in front of their eyes. He is connected live with what he would never have been able to attend. Webinars are called the latest technology of communication.  Have you tried attending a Webinar? If yes, we appreciate you sharing your experience in the comments section, this will be a great help to our students.

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