AYUSH option included in the new MBBS syllabus

AYUSH New MBBS syllabus – There has been quite a revelation when it comes to the new MBBS syllabus. Ayush has been added as an optional and will be implemented with immediate effect in the upcoming academic session 2019 – 2020. The new syllabus has received final approval from the Board of governors and is expected to be executed from August 2019.

As a refreshing change, the undergraduate students pursuing their MBBS degree will now be able to choose Ayush as an elective subject. From 2019 onwards, the students can learn, work and score in areas of Ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and homoeopathy. This comes as an official announcement from the top dignitary of the board of governors overseeing the medical colleges. The aim of the initiative is to introduce future doctors to alternative medicinal systems.

The government of India had decided to forgo the existing regulatory body by dissolving the Medical Council of India. It was followed by the inception of the Board of Governors otherwise known as BoG – an official board set up the government to overlook and work as the medical regulator. The new syllabus has been finalized by the board and has announced its implementation from August 2019. The optional subject would span for a three month time and will be designed entirely by AYUSH bearing the general norms and practices as the base.

The Chairman of AYUSH, Dr V.K.Paul was quoted stating, “It is to give a hang of the alternative systems of medicine to the students of allopathy. Ayush systems can play a great role in promoting preventive health. However, it will not be mandatory for medical students”. He also added, “The students will get to visit Ayush hospitals, attend outpatient departments (OPDs), etc,”.

This comes as a refreshing change to the Indian medical industry. Considering the fact that the country has deep roots and were once pioneers with advanced medicines,  the decision to go back and provide a chance to embrace out ancestral techniques sounds too good to be true. If this goes well with the students, there might be a good chance that the future of Indian health care might change for the greater good.

The country carries one of the largest masses of Diabetes, Abnormal Blood pressure, AIDS and many more such deadlier diseases which are often overlooked or deemed incurable.  AYUSH might prove to be a game changer and we hope that its introduction brings in a much-required change not only in the minds and health of the people but also put India back on top with its medicinal history.


AYUSH stands for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. It is a government body with an aim to promote the long-forgotten techniques in healthcare and was formed as an independent body in the year 2014. 

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