BCA and BSc IT- Comparative Analyses

As one of the industries that can generate numerous jobs, Information Technology (IT) is a growing field in India and is looked upon to a greater extent. About the many courses, a science student is interested in joining the IT bandwagon, is usually confused on offer at the undergraduate level and might end up joining a course which might not be as beneficial as some other course.

For instance, when choosing between BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) and B.Sc Computer Science, confusion may arise. In these courses to help you reach a decision, we have listed some of the difference.

B.Sc (Computer Science)

On the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing, the B.Sc (CS) course mainly focuses on rather than teaching specific technologies that may quickly become outdated. For higher education, the course prepares you to a larger extent.


With Physics, Chemistry & Maths, 10+ 2 Pass in Science stream

Post-B.Sc Education

Followed by an M.Tech, M.Sc, (provided that it’s recognised by the UGC or AIU) or an MCA are options open to you after your B.Sc in Computer Science. After you sit for the GATE conducted by the IITs or the entrance examinations of individual universities offering the course, an M.Tech may be available to you.

Jobs after B.Sc

For higher education after B.Sc, students will usually go immediately but jobs do exist; In IT companies, they can take on positions as software professionals (testers and developers).

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Computer Science is that BCA is more professionally oriented is what believed to consider when comparing BCA & B.Sc. For problem-solving through the application of computer science at the interface of business and technology, it prepares you for post-graduate or research work and also creates professional manpower. Through distance learning, BCA can also be pursued. It covers:

  • Computer science
  • Programming
  • Database design
  • Software engineering
  • Networks
  • and Information systems

Eligibility Criteria

50+% at HSC with a Maths background + an entrance test.

Education after BCA

MCA and M.Tech are usually the popular options. MBA, MSc, PGDCA are other options.

Jobs after BCA

Software related jobs in testing and developing are common options made available to you.

General Prospects

Of the USA and Canada, the pool of talented computer engineers working in IT companies shows that IT can take a person to higher levels. In their Indian and overseas offices, Numerous IT companies from India employ a huge number of computer professionals.

Aspiring Minds, salary structures vary largely across sectors as per the assessment and talent Evaluation Company. Between Rs. 2.5 to 4.5 lakh per annum in their first job, Engineering students gainfully employed in the IT services sector earn somewhere. In the IT product sector requiring core technology skills, salaries range from 6 to 12 lakh per year.

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