Beat the exam heat with these stress busting techniques

Stress-busting techniques – No matter who you are, where you from and the legendary status you have attained during your half-yearly examinations, none of it would matter when it comes to your public and common exams.  It’s is the big stage and it’s not easy when you carry the burden of your family’s, teacher’s, your neighbour’s and your maid’s expectations to the exam room. Too much to handle isn’t it? Well, fear not, here are a few tips and tricks to help you simmer down the heat and get yourself going the clear way.

Planning an early revision:  Don’t expect your schools to be easy on you. They are going to bomb you with endless exams and preparation modules which might eventually help the entire herd of your classmates get through the exam. But this is a personal war we are talking about. It would be wise to set up your own revision schedule way ahead of anyone else, making yourself enough time to get through with ease. A productive timetable adhering your strengths and weaknesses would be a good way to start things off.

Divide and Conquer:  Try not to narrow down your entire focus on a single subject. Too much of chemistry a day can be quite haunting. Make sure you make just enough room of at least three different subjects or an ‘n’ number of chapters per subject per a couple of hours. Move on to the next, this way you would be able to start anew with a fresh hope to conquer new territory. This kind of approach would pretty much give you the “day well spent” vibes.  An occasional visit to your friend’s place or inviting them over for a combined study helps too. What one lacks can be fulfilled by the others. But bear in mind the friends you invite to the club, it might backfire when they aren’t too serious about it.

Ease Yourself:  The most important and underused advise that people fail to provide are the most unexpected ones you would come across at such difficult times – Ease yourself, Relax.!  Make sure you take breaks in between your hectic schedule. Watch your favourite show, some Netflix and music should do the trick. Make sure you calm down your mind whenever needed, and don’t stress-eat! Plan, adhere to a proper diet and keep yourself healthy both on the outside and on the inside.

A famous phrase goes by the saying, “Succeed, by burning the midnight oil”. Try not to take it too seriously. It doesn’t work much unless you are Batman. Never compromise on your sleep and make sure you give your body enough rest it deserves! Cheers and good luck!

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