Become a Captain of the Ship

Become a Captain of a ship and wallow in a life full of the thrills of the high seas, the calm of the low tide, a glamorous life of the luxurious cabin and a feeling which says, and says literally “ I’ m Monarch Of All I survey “. Because once out in the sea it’s the captain who rules the roost he is the one who is in charge of the safety of the crew and the ship, and all decisions in this regard are to be taken by him.

But then uneasy lays the head that wears the crown so amidst all this glitz glamour and luxury is the onus of the safety of the ship, the life of the passengers, the safety of the other staff and members of the crew. And that is a very difficult task because the sea is a very demanding master very difficult to control once infuriated.

So the life of a ship’s captain is not all of glamour and luxury but also of brave decisions and turbulent conditions, but then what is life if challenges are not met. To join a B.Sc Nautical Science course you should have completed 10+2 with at least 60% marks in PCM group, you should be physically fit with no record of any chronic diseases or illnesses eyesight should be between 6/6 limit is 20 years; if you have fulfilled all these criteria then you can take admission in a B.Sc Nautical Science Course Marine job is a white- collar job but demands full dedication from you and in return it promises a life full of thrill and luxury. Marine engineers are responsible for designing and operating shipboard electrical and environmental systems and the power plants.

After you join a ship you have to work as a deck officer A Deck Officer works in the execution of a variety of tasks, namely navigation of the vessel, handling of all safety equipment, and handling cargo, communications, and safety. All this is divided between the trainee cadet 3rd officer, 2nd officer, and Chief Officer under the supervision of the Captain who is your aim to reach.

As we know the minimum requirements to become a marine officer and join the navy are not much the only hurdle or strictness is in the eyesight sector it should be between 6/6. The only requirement to reach the post of Captain is bravery, dedication interest, loyalty and humanitarian feelings to carry out the duties of safeguarding the lives of all these depending on you. Like they say “Rats are the first to desert a sinking ship “and “the Captain of the ship is the last person to leave the ship whether in danger or in normal circumstances. So be the “BRAVE” being the Captain of a ship! Click here for the list of Marine Colleges and Universities

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