Benefits of online admission

Online activities have made life so easy for all, everyone seems to be benefitted in some way or the other; online shopping, online searching, chatting, writing your name, the activity and its online version is an appreciated reason, the  “convenience” it provides, the savings on money and energy. The same convenience is felt by students and parents when the time to fill forms for exams and admissions.

The first feeling of convenience and relief arises when you find that you no longer have to leave the house, the longest distance you have to travel is from one room to the other. The biggest relief is that of no more standing in queues, no more pushing and staggering, and falling as the queue surges ahead.

Now that you have opened the website and the form is before you, start filling it without bothering if your handwriting is coming out neat or not. Form filled and completed click the send button and it has reached its destination, relieving you from the tensions and worries of waiting to get its acknowledgment receipt.

This was about the advantages provided to students. The universities to stand to be benefitted by this process of online admissions. They no longer have to sign acknowledgment receipts, open envelopes, file the forms, check them for accuracy, it is all done in one go by clicking the mouse. Apart from this, a decrease in workload it also reduces the cost factor as no more extra workforce of class 3 employees are needed to do the same job which has been completed by clicking the mouse. Another very important benefit is the fact that people can now apply for admissions to any universities anywhere in the world. Geographical boundaries are no longer hurdles.

As there always are two sides of a coin similarly though there are so many advantages, there are a few setbacks too the first and the most common is internet connectivity and electricity availability, both can never be relied upon, especially in rural areas who need them the most in order to avoid traveling to big cities for the purpose of buying and filling forms. Next comes low computer literacy here, again it is the rural population that suffers more because it is they who have to venture out and spends money energy and time.

Another very important setback is security failure, hacking, and disrupting the working of universities and schools. Even unintentional system failures can disrupt the whole system of universities and educational institutions the confidentiality of a student’s personal details may also go in jeopardy. Fraudsters can manipulate the authenticity of the process and the eligibility requirement. Thus we conclude that if the new system can be made more robust and reliable online admission is a welcome process. 

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