BJMC 2019 Admissions: A great opportunity for a career in Journalism

BJMC 2019 Admissions- We live in an era where the nations around the world and its people are moving at a fast pace, having a keen eye on what’s happening beyond their borders through the internet.  There has always and will be a huge spread demand for information around and in every nook and corner of the world. With such demand comes the importance of Mass Communication and Journalism. A journalist is the centre player in such a scenario where the concerned person would work to gather information of a particular objective and spread the word to the entire world with utmost honesty and discipline.

With journalism comes a classic stereotype which would involve writing words to catch the attention of the reader (which happens to be partially right). As a fact, writing is so important in journalism, that you command over any given language would be an important factor in determining your sustainability in the career. With that said, there is more to journalism than just the writing.

Journalists are an important and integral factor in any country’s media line. There is no denying that the combined forces of Media and the Journalists play a very vital role in the development of the country. It is they who take on the burden of seeking, educating and spreading the necessary information to the country’s common masses. It is with this information; decisions are made which invariably shift the momentum in the country’s growth. There has been a widespread growth in the vertical resulting in high demand for skilled and well-versed journalists to fill up the new chairs.

Interestingly, Journalism is not narrowed down or restricted to a mundane “everywhere the same” kind of job descriptions. Instead, it opens up possibilities to various sub-branches in it. Depending on the skills, command over the language and a little bit of experience, and one can end up in a different position at different media stations across the country. To break things down even more, here is the list of careers a journalist can end up with.

Career Opportunities

Reporter: Ever dreamt of being the face of a News show? Then reporter would the career you would like to end up with. Reporters are the face and voice of information across TV’s, Radios and now the internet. Reporting an incident with the right tempo and proper clarity of language would the idea objective in this job.

Feature Writer:  A feature writer would be required to cover an incident, write feature stories and content on giving topics for any company, corporate, individuals and brand.

Editor: An editor would bore the responsibility to check for grammar, spell checks, continuity, and uniformity in the print media. Other than that, the editor is responsible for putting together the information or rewriting the information (if necessary) in an away to garner the reader’s interest

Columnist:   It is the duty of the columnists to write in specific columns of newspapers or magazines over topics like fashion, sports, entertainment etc.

Proof Reader:  There are times when the information gathered can be misguiding. It may intentional to stir a rage among the readers or may be as simple as a petty mistake. Words have the power to crumble the biggest of economies and it is up to the proofreader to make sure that the information that is to be presented to the masses are correct and to the point.  Even when it comes to the very sensitive and fragile information, it is the duty of the proofreader to make sure the information gathered is conveyed in a very diplomatic way which would in no way disrupt the peace and stability in the country or nations of the world. Quite a heavy responsibility to carry on the back!

Critic: Everyone’s a critic in the present scheme of things, especially when it comes to the netizen taking to social media platforms to talk about politics, arts and entertainment. But those are seldom ignored as the masses await a word from the official critic from different media establishments which they feel comfortable and secured to follow. A critic with a brand is more powerful than the thousands of netizen put together.

Correspondent or Special Reporter: If desk jobs aren’t your cup of tea, here is something which might sound interesting.  A correspondent is one who takes to the field to cover a story of importance right at the centre of happening. Be it a storm, a shipwreck, a football match or an incident of political importance; a correspondent would be the bearer of the media establishment who would be right there when it’s all happening, making sure the information reaches the masses as it happens and when it happens! During the Great War and World War II, correspondents haven taken to the battlefield to report incidents and tensions brewing around the border to keep the world informed about the devastations of war.  Talk about being an adrenaline junkie!

Scope in India:

Mass media in India has been expanding year on year, at a rapid pace and the country is in dire need of journalists who can fill up the vacancies at the ever-expanding rage. What was once done through the newspapers and the radio, have come a long way with the invention of Television, live TV, and now the internet.  The Internet has taken everything

and redefined the art of news reporting to the next level. New web pages, new social media channels have sprouted and are in dire need of quality newsmakers. With us venturing into the new decade the much hyper 2020, the future looks uncertain yet promising. It is not with just hope but confidence that journalism will always have a key role to play in the country’s progress regardless of the technology and the interventions that come by. In safer words, a candidature with fine social skills, strong command over the language and a clever fox attitude can make wonders in the field regardless of time!

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