BSc Maths with CA at Loyola

Overview of the department

Acclaimed as an undergraduate department, the institute was established in 1959 and in 1982. It was then upgraded into a post-graduate department with the introduction of M.Sc. (Statistics) programme. In rapid succession, the department advanced further to a research department with the introduction of M.Phil. Programme in 1985 and PhD program in 1988. A number of extra-ordinary students were created by the institute who has got significant university ranks.

Though equipped with just five faculty members before the affiliation of the M.Sc. Programme, the department had grown leaps and bounds to reach the current strength of 14. Of these, all the permanent faculty members totalling 11 possess a doctoral degree while the rest have an M.Phil degree.

The faculty of the department serves various other departments by way of teaching allied and elective courses and providing consultancy services.

A tie-up to train final year UG students is the major highlight is the recent initiation of the Industry Institute Interaction (I.I.I.)

Objectives of the college

For the betterment of the people of our country, more particularly of the Dalits and other poorer sections of society, The College aims at training young men and women of quality to be leaders in all walks of life, whom we hope will play a vital role in bringing about the desired changes

The aim of the college is to educate young men and women to serve their fellow men and women in justice, truth and love. The youth of our country may find their fulfillment upon its fostering of an atmosphere of intellectual vigor and moral rectitude and achieve greatness as eminent men and women of service.

Loyola College looks at education differently. It consistently and constantly works to form the students as Competent, Committed, Creative and Compassionate men and women for and with others. This is the core of Jesuit Education. An important stepping stone for Loyola to climb to the top league of colleges in India is purely because of its achievements.

Core strength

India Today magazine has repeatedly ranked the Arts, Commerce and Science departments of Loyola College amongst the top 3 in India from 2006 to 2013. The Best Men’s College in the City on the Employability skills by PR Syndicate has been received by Loyola.

The re-structuring of a curriculum of both for UG and PG courses has drawn great appreciation from the stakeholders, namely the students, alumni, parents and industrial partners. Of the students forming them socially conscious and responsible citizens of the country, Foundation courses and the Outreach programs in Loyola make a difference in the lives.

The system of periodical teacher-evaluation done by the students has also been welcomed. Parents -Teachers meetings are regularly organized in Loyola, which ensure periodical monitoring of the progress of students

Rewards and accolades

On top of so many significant achievements, in January 2011, Loyola College received SIRO (Scientific Industrial Research Organization).

The Central Board of Direct Taxes, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, has recognized the quality of scientific research done in Loyola College by the approval granted to it on 01.04.2011 of tax exemption under clause (ii) subsection 1 of section 35 of the Income Tax Act 1961. This approval enables 175% tax exemption to the donors of Loyola College Society for the purpose of scientific research.

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