BSc/MSc in Food Chemistry

The MSc in food chemistry is two-year duration. It teaches analytical chemistry. The course aims to manage the possible danger to human health caused by substances present in food. The postgraduate program builds on the knowledge of microbiology, biochemistry and biological analytics that are part of the undergraduate coursework. The students are given a detailed understanding of the chemical composition of raw materials, consumer foods, as well as fodder.

The course teaches students about how different food products are produced, the methods of storage, and the correct usage. Students are enabled to analyze and then improve the food quality. Students gain extensive knowledge about chemical and biochemical reactions, bioactive compounds, effects on the health of particular foods, and different properties of food.

Course Eligibility

Students who possess a bachelor’s degree in mainstream science like food science, chemistry or biology from a recognized university can apply for this Master’s program. Aspiring students need to have keen powers of observation, identification, recording, identifying different smells and flavors and other subtleties of food.

Course Curriculum

The course is a combination of theory and practical experience of using different equipment. Students are required to complete internships and projects. Some of the areas covered as part of this course include:

  • Food packaging
  • Food chemistry
  • Marketing
  • Functional foods
  • New product launch and distribution
  • Food safety and legislation
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

The course syllabus includes different branches of chemistry, fermentation of food, toxicology, sensory evaluation of food, quality of food, nutrition, dairy products, agro-processing fundamentals, food processing, additives in food, animal products. Scientific research, seminars, and project work also comprise part of the curriculum.

Career Opportunities

The food sector has many job opportunities for qualified candidates. The food industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. The food industry, research institutes, laboratories, food processing companies all need qualified professionals. You can become a freelance food expert or consultant, advising corporate houses, schools, hospitals, and so on, on the right nutritional methods. You can even set up your own catering business or any other startup in the food sector. Teaching opportunities, as well as research opportunities, exist for people who complete this program.

Colleges Offering MSc in Food Chemistry

The following colleges offer the master’s program in Food Chemistry to aspiring students:

  • DanapackiyamKrishnasamyMudaliar College for Women under the Thiruvalluvar University in Tamil Nadu
  • Loyola College under the University of Madras in Tamil Nadu
  • Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies (MACFAST) under the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kerala.

If you are interested in a career in the food industry, you should go for this course which will teach you the essential concepts of food management. Start preparing yourself today.
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