BSc, MSc in Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy courses are offered in Indian colleges since 2011 and are very popular especially in the medical field. The primary stress is to treat mental and physical disabilities of people. It is essential that person suffering from such a problem is even able to carry out their work and so through Occupational Therapy students can help such people to make their life easy.

Therapists are working for people of all ages and help them to carry out routine work like cooking, eating and all by themselves. Many people are emotionally or mentally ill and are unable to carry out a routine task. Such people, when gone through Occupational therapy, will find life easy.

One who is willing to have a career in such field must have excellent communication skills. The other most important thing is to be empathic towards patients so that they can tell their problems and it will prove easy to cure it. One must be very patient and also ready to work hard in such field as it takes time to remedy such illness. One should be capable of operating in any situation and also must be alert at all time so that any problem and its effect can be observed.


It is essential to pursue 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Bio subjects to take further admission in colleges. It is imperative to go for best college so that to become easy to get new job opportunities. Many reputed colleges conduct their entrance exam and so to get admission one must clear exams. One who owns a Master’s degree can efficiently work as a profession, and it is possible from 2007 in the US. There are many Occupational therapy courses available in the US which can be done to work as professional in such field.


  • One who owns degree can help patients to have vocational training which will help to treat their illness.
  • Early stage detection of any such problem will help to prevent from a handicap.
  • Practice makes own perfect and so throughout program students are trained practically which will help them in their job.

Job perspective

It’s time when many people are suffering from such a problem, and so demand of occupational therapist is also very high. One who holds degree can start their clinic where they can treat people suffering from neurological and psychological problems. Many medical setups require the therapist to treat patients, and so there are options to get a job in the best hospital. There are many NGO’s where the demand for occupational therapy is high, and thus one can start their career from such a place and get a good career.
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