Bunking College is Fun

YES, because the two things about college which keep on haunting you once you enter the high school is that I need not attend all the lectures and secondly I don’t have to wear a uniform I can dress as I want to. And there is a third which I forgot to mention, no more carrying of heavy bags and lunch boxes. Just one notebook is enough I can take down notes in it come back home and rewrite them and I can eat at the canteen. But the biggest lure is the facility of being able to “bunk” lectures. Why only students even parents feel a bit free, if they have to go somewhere they need not depend on the child’s school hours, he can be asked to bunk a lecture and join them.

For other activities to one is officially allowed to skip classes if he has to attend some sports or cultural events of the college.

But like they say every coin has two sides, the good and the bad. If bunking has its positive sides there is a bad side to it too, this new found freedom lures children to bunking classes and going for movies, or attending some friend’s parties etc. Even if a person is sincere and does not want to bunk classes his friends force him to, They use all the methods, they plead with him, they make fun of him they threaten him and he is forced to oblige.

This habit of bunking classes may also lead students into the clutches of antisocial gangs they may fall prey to student gangs which indulge in drug abuse, girls may fall prey to antisocial gangs of all sorts.

So though this new found freedom is bliss it may lead to troubles too. One even falls into the habit of lying to parents. Students go for movies and parties and the parents do not come to know about it, they think the child is safe in college whereas actually he is out of the college premises and may be in trouble too. He may come across an accident or a police raid, and this is shocking for the parents who have all along been having faith in him and believing him. These days all sorts of things keep happening there are rave parties, active drug mafia, other rackets of the antisocial kinds and children either get lured into them or are forced to join them.

Like they say with freedom come responsibilities. So if you want to celebrate freedom then learn to respect it. See to it that you honor the facility given to you because misuse puts an end to all facilities. If the authorities find that wrong practices are being born due to this facility then there may come a time when it will be stopped, already some colleges have introduced a dress code to be followed, putting an end to the freedom of dressing according to choice.

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