Career As A Dentist

A dental career they say is better than an MBBS degree because it has 32 patents in one person.  But seriously if you have not been able to get admission into MBBS then opt for Dentistry without a hitch. It is not only a noble career since it is related to the medical field and gives relief from pains of the worst kind‘ toothache’ but it is a career much in demand and lucrative too.

With the modern lifestyle, the most neglected area of a human body is the mouth due to many reasons. Eating is the most passionate feeling of a human, its eating that drives them to work hard and have a better career. Whenever and wherever we go we eat. We are offered something to eat. If we go for holidays to distant lands the first thing we do is taste the local cuisine, we go to attend weddings and celebrations and it is the menu which attracts us the most.

The globally too international cuisine has entered all restaurants, hotels, and eateries, baking has reached new heights rewarding the public with delicacies from around the world. We eat all these things we indulge ourselves and then we forget brushing our teeth, We all know that we should brush at least twice and especially at bedtime as germs attack us at night, but ironically bedtime is the one time when we not only not brush but pop in a sweet or chocolate before going to bed, some people eat paan, some have a glass of milk and then switch off the lights and enter slumber land and dreamland. In the meanwhile germs come out and feast on the residues inside the mouth thus causing serious teeth problems resulting in severe pain and other ailments.  Very few people know how to brush properly.

And this is where a good dentist comes in. He not only cures a patient of the illness but also teaches them the correct ways of brushing the teeth or using mouthwash because bad breath is another very common oral hygiene problem.

One thing which many of us don’t know is that a dentist is also capable of diagnosing heart problems and giving measures of treatment.S surprising news, isn’t it! Well, the hardening of the artery of the heart is also due to poor oral health. The plaque that gets accumulated on the teeth affect the arteries in such a way that they start hardening so if the dentist keeps a vigil and does not let plaque from accumulating he is helping in curing heart disease too.

Thus we should all regularly visit the dentist and get regular checkups done.

So summing up we find that a dentist is a very lucrative career much in demand and somehow it has been noticed that people like to visit private practicing dentists more in comparison to others.  Check out the list of dental colleges!  Apply today and get certified as a “Dentist”

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