Career as a Tourist

If one wants to become a tourist guide, then he will have to take a course in tourism from the IITTM or Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management Government of India.  After the course  completion the government of India conducts a training tour for the candidates, and then a certificate is issued on successful completion of the course. The guide is now given a license as a Tourist guide. These Tourist guide licences are issued both at the state and the central level by the respective tourism departments but only after taking a test. Many countries have made it mandatory for a Tourist guide to registering himself with authorities.

The Ministry of Tourism conducts regional level Guide Training Programmes (RLGTP). These programmes are conducted through the IITTM, or their chapters or other institutes in coordination with the respective regional directorate; these programmes are held once in every two years, and it imparts knowledge of the state tourist attractions. This course also trains candidates in learning the art of delivering new narrations and also the ability to handle emergencies natural, medical or humanmade acts of mischief, especially in these troubled times.

The primary requirement for this course is mastery over English Hindi and as many languages as possible especially foreign languages and also graduates, three-year degree holders in Tourism, Hospitality or a Diploma in Archaeology all from a recognised university or institute are eligible for applying in this course. The minimum age for joining this course is twenty years.  Ten tests are comprising of knowledge of monuments, and tourism destinations around the area, history and general philosophy. Candidates securing 50% marks are eligible for training.

The guide training course is of 16 weeks which will consist of theory and practical training divided into two parts. Part one is six weeks classroom coaching and part two is often weeks of field training.  Guide training course will be for 16 weeks including theoretical, which will be followed by a written examination and a viva voice, and then the certificate will be issued which will be for three years to be renewed regularly. Attending a refresher course every five years is mandatory to renew the licence.

Good knowledge of history, archaeology and tourist attractions of the region and fluency in as many as possible foreign languages is an added attribute. Especially languages like Chinese, Japanese etc.,

A guide should be amiable and should have knowledge of first aid measures as well as crisis management skills He should also know that he is showcasing his country and that he is a representative of his country, so he should be polite, trustworthy and honest. Choose your career as a tourist!

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