Career opportunities as a Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager – The career opportunities in Marketing Management are vast such that not only an individual could get a job but also helps for-profit corporations to small businesses to non-profit groups, depend on marketing management to acquire more knowledge.

Important roles in Marketing Management

The scale of marketing management is really large that it provides a way to pursue different careers within the area. Some of the high-level management positions are Executive Vice President and Senior Director.

Different roles Field Marketing Manager

A field marketing manager oversees the work of field marketing representatives. These representatives visit retail stores personally to market products, set up point-of-sale displays or run promotions.

The growth of the Internet has opened a whole new area for marketing managers. This position requires the same basic skills as other marketing management jobs, such as analyzing the competition and understanding consumers. However, the Internet marketing manager should be Web-savvy: they must know how to draw traffic to websites and handle online advertising. A brand manager focuses on marketing a particular brand or product. While developing and directing the marketing plan for the brand, the brand manager works with professionals in marketing research, advertising, sales, promotion and even package design. This position is sometimes known as a product manager.

The duties of a market research manager could include researching ways in which a company’s products or services could be utilized and analyzing research data. They could be involved in new product development. In addition, they could work closely with field marketing managers and project directors. Market research managers could also be called market research analysts.

Opportunities for different industries in the field of Marketing Management

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics marketing managers may work in businesses such as Department stores, Computer companies, Utility companies, Construction firms, Food processing companies, Manufacturing firms and Arts organizations.

Related Fields for Marketing Managers

An experienced marketing manager can work in advertising, promotions or sales. Shifting to advertising or promotions can be easy because the marketing manager’s responsibilities may already include working in these areas. To succeed in sales, a former marketing manager may have to become more aggressive.

Prospects and profile of a Marketing Manager

It has been predicted that the job outlook for marketing manager has increased to 9% and could be anticipated more in 2024. A Bachelor’s degree is required for most marketing manager positions and the key skills include Communication, analytical, creativity, decision-making, interpersonal, and organizational. A person working in marketing management supervises marketing staff, identifies demand, sets pricing and oversees product development. The average salary for the role of the marketing manager is identified to be $123,450 as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. A marketing manager usually has considerable professional experience and, increasingly, an advanced degree.

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