Career options for an MBA

An MBA does not have to look for career options Career’s come to them. So what an MBA has to see is not career options but which career to choose from. And this is true especially if the MBA degree is from a reputed college. The more famous ones and who compete with world-class education are the various IIMs which require one to crack the CAT in order to get admitted into them Once you enter an IIM you never look back.

The Birla Institute of Management Technology Greater Noida, KG Somaiya Institute Of Management Studies and Research etc Then there are other colleges in the various states which have their own entrance exams like the –XAT, SNAP, MAT, IIFT, JMET, IBSAT, CET, NMAT etc. MUDRA is another very famous institute IRMA TAPMI —all together there are 99 different exams ranging downwards from the CAT but for very good B schools which have good placements.

The various exams are at the national level, the state level and organized by colleges for entry into their own private institute

These, of course, are the cream of institutes but the lesser known once also are very effective as job placement for their student is concerned

The various jobs can be —

Banking & Finance  The kind of jobs included here are security and investment analysis and portfolio management and are found in banks security firms and insurance companies etc Other jobs in banks include Commercial banking, Cards management, Corporate banking, Credit risk, and Relationship Management etc.

Information System Management: means the identifying of fresh technologies to serve an organization they provide a cost analysis of the technology if it will be brought in use by an organization. 

Investment Banking:  They bring both the investor and the organization which needs the fund together and deal with mergers.

Management Consulting A management consultant is supposed to solve organizational issues of by the use of the ideas introduced by the firm who has employed him Private Equity: is like investment banking where you suggest your client where to invest.

Data analytics a very important job profile today, because of its need for all kinds of investments.
Entrepreneurship:  an MBA degree helps you become an entrepreneur with ease you can start your own business.

Pay packets are very lucrative depending upon the firm you have joined and the institute you have come out of. But even the lesser known institutes provide placement with excellent pay.
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