Career Options for an MTech

MTech means master of technology and technology is the order of the day, Or daily lives are dependent on some technological wonder from switching on the lights to sitting in an airplane we have technology touching our lives. The food we eat the water we drink is directly connected to technological development. So if you are a Master of Technology you need not worry about a job.

An Mtech is an engineer with a master’s degree and engineers as it has a foot in every field be it agriculture or industry, or aviation, construction, even teaching requires MTEchs.

There are ample jobs in the private as well as the public sector. In the Corporate sector, there are opportunities in consultancies ( companies like Tata Consultancies, Zinnov Research, and Consulting  then there are core  engineering companies like Punj Loyd, L&T etc) Research and Development centres like ISRO Indian Space  Research Organization which is a government of India undertaking are all good paymasters and have a number of openings.

Research and Development is a field which is made for postgraduates so it offers a lot of opportunities to MTech Degree holder too. They also give opportunities in super specialization and further studies to MTech degree holders.

The teaching profession has many openings, especially with so many colleges coming up the jobs, range from teachers in schools to lecturers and professors in colleges and universities.

Am MTech degree in any subject is the gateway to a plethora of job opportunities companies like The UGC too has increased their arena by making it compulsory for candidates to do MTech for teaching jobs – so MTech has become the minimum qualification for a teaching job?

Other fields are Information security. VLSI Very-large-scale integration (VLSI) is the process of creating an integrated circuit (IC) by combining thousands of transistors into a single chip. The government of India has a new policy called Electronic Development fund is a big boot to VLSI This together with the Make In India Campaign has opened a wide scope for VLSI and so is Skill India a big boost to VLSI

Mechanical Engineering advancement in the device technology and invention of new materials, the demand of Materials Scientists and Technocrats has significantly increased both at the domestic and global level thus increasing opportunities for M Techs.

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