Career Options in History Students

There is a misconception among the general population that there is no future for Arts graduates. But that’s true.

In today’s job market, there is a misconception that there are bleak jobs for history student and secondly history has a bright side for history students. The most common profession is, of course, that of a teacher or professor or librarian and the pay is also quite tempting what with pay revisions etc.

But the more lucrative side is the job of a librarian in a big international library, a curator of a museum and a job with the archaeological dept.

History will always be connected with any and every scientific study, research, discovery or invention. Because history is the study of humanity its course of development and its struggle for survival.

All great scientists of the past – Eddison, Newton and Darwin have now become “History” as have all great painters, thinkers, philosophers, political leaders and saints.

The course of life is history. So, there are many jobs related to this field.

You are employed by the government to record history as it takes place daily, you are required to write books, papers and discuss the course of developments as they happen. Whenever an important event takes place, it is the historian who is contacted to throw light on any precedents and also to give their verdict on the results which may take place and the way it will affect society based on the previous history.

The Archaeological departments depend heavily on historians to make them aware of the various natural and human-made disasters which may have taken place to leave behind such conditions. When Archaeologists, discovered the ruins of Moreno Daro and Harappa, historians were called in to establish their identities.

Archaeologists and historians and political scientists all work in coordination with each other for the improvement, of society.

Historians are also important to scientists and inventors because they tell the scientist how similar products were received by past populations so that changes can be made. Historians declare to the world about recent inventions, discoveries etc. done by the scientist. Who tells the world about Aristotle, Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Alexander Fleming or Kalpana Chawla, or for that matter Mahatma Gandhi or Hitler or Jesus Christ or Buddha?

Thus, historians are needed by society to keep the story of humanity alive, to tell the present generation about how they have reached where they are.

And they have particular jobs to carry this profession forward and are paid handsomely too by the government and by private parties who are interested to know about the evolution of humanity and the effects of previous civilisations on the present.

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