Chevening Scholarship for Indian Students Closes on November 6, 2018

Chevening Scholarship -The United Kingdom government offers a global scholarship program for future leaders. They get an opportunity to study in the United Kingdom. The scholarships are awarded to people with exceptional merit. They can choose to complete a one-year Master’s degree program in any subject of their choosing from any of the UK universities.

The scholarships are fully funded so that you do not have to worry about funds. You can concentrate on your career goals and have the unique experience of a lifetime. You will be given a chance to live and study in the UK for one year. During this time, you can develop yourself professionally as well as academically, grow your academic and professional network and experience the culture of UK. You will be able to build relationships that will last you a lifetime.

If you believe you have the right academic background, ambition and leadership qualities, the Chevening scholarship is one you should apply for.

Application Procedure

Applications for 2019/2020 Chevening Scholarships are open between 6 August and 6 November 2018

 How to Apply?

You can submit your application for the Chevening Scholarship online by going to and clicking on “Apply for Scholarship”.

Essential Requirements

Before you start applying for the Chevening scholarship, you need to have some information ready:

  • Valid passport/national ID card
  • University transcripts and degree certificates (undergraduate, postgraduate)
  • Three different UK master’s course choices
  • Names of two referees who know you in a professional or academic capacity

Please note that if you are shortlisted for an award, you will be required to log into the online application system and request a reference from your referees. The request will generate an email to the referees, and they will need to submit the recommendation by Monday, 25 February 2019. If your referees do not submit by this deadline, you will be unable to proceed with an interview.

Documents Required

You can go ahead with your initial application without the test results and university offer, but you need to upload them by November 6, 2018. Make sure that you upload your documents in PDF format, and they do not exceed 5 MB in size.

These documents are mandatory for the final selection, and you will need to provide them to stay in the selection process.

Eligibility for Scholarship

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a citizen of an eligible country.
  • Return to your home country for at least two years after the scholarship
  • Have an undergraduate degree
  • Have at least two years of work experience
  • Apply to three UK universities and receive an offer from one of these
  • Meet the English language requirements

Scholarship Inclusions

If you are awarded the scholarship you will be getting:

  • Tuition fees
  • Monthly stipend
  • Cost of travel to and from the UK
  • Arrival allowance
  • Homeward departure allowance
  • Visa costs for one application
  • Travel grant for attending Chevening events while in the UK

The scholarship is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other partner organisations, who support the students in different ways. You can find out more information at .

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