Colleges providing distance learning courses in MCA

Have you ever thought to enhance your career by taking an MCA course amidst the booming IT scenario? If so what made you stop? It may be the location of your preferred university, your time crunch or even the fear of leaving a secured job to pursue a new degree. What if I were to say that you can do your MCA without any worries and moreover you are going to do from the best in India? These courses not only provide you with the best quality of education but also provide you with an opportunity to avail their alumni status while ensuring that it does not make a hole in your pocket. The top six universities providing MCA in India are

  1. Amity University – Amity offers a three year, six semester Online MCA program with live interactive sessions, 24X7 technical support, easy and low payment options with six specializations including software engineering, computers and programming, database management, software design laboratory and artificial intelligence and neural graphics. The institute boasts of significant alumni base in MNCs like Sony, Microsoft, GE, Adobe, Canon, and Siemens.
  2. Sikkim Manipal University – This is one of the most awarded universities in India winning awards like peacock award, ASSOCHAM award, E-India and E-Maharashtra awards amidst a considerable list. MCA in SMU is known for its foundation courses in computer and IT along with great importance placed in C++ and Java.
  3. Lovely Professional University – This is one of India’s most reputed universities with utmost importance on student development, boosting its credentials with awards won by students. In one of the rare occasion, this university also showcases a vast number of awards won by its distance education students. When students of a university start winning awards, there is some quality knowledge transfer happening.
  4. Symbiosis University – The university based out of Pune is redefining distance education through a very high degree of technical mentorship provided even to distance education students through its e-mentoring platform. Other than the brilliant platform the university has a top priority to develop future leaders.
  5. Institute of Management & Technological studies– IMTS boasts about its legacy and quality students produced since its initiation. The university has a great alumni base and has an excellent industry reputation for providing great professionals.
  6. IGNOU– A pioneer in distance education in India, the government initiative holds a reputation for its tough exams and even better study material. The course provides a considerable cost advantage at a minimal cost of Rs.9000 per semester.

These universities provide a unique chance for you to learn, grow and develop into the best and take advantage of the booming IT sector in India. This is your ticket to the dream job and life.

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