Dairy Technology PG and PhD of Veterinary Universities to be changed

The syllabus for dairy technology postgraduate and PhD students of veterinary varsities across India will be changed from the academic year 2019-20, as per the report. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi has formed an academic experts committee pan India to modify and update the MTech and PhD syllabus of dairy technology for the next ten years, noted the report.

That Board of Subject Matter Area (BSMA), consisting of seven members experts committee had already met in Karnal (Haryana) and Anand City(Gujarat) on syllabus changes. Finally, the committee visited the College of Dairy Technology of Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University (SVVU) to finalise the new syllabus and courses. Dr RRB Singh of National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal (Haryana) is the chairman of the committee. He along with six members of the committee inspected Dairy Technology College of SVVU on Monday. They held a meeting on Tuesday with professors and specialists and discussed the issue.

According to information, the BSMA committee is going to recommend the changes in dairy technology, dairy chemistry, dairy microbiology and dairy engineering subjects.  Already the committee had discussed in previous meetings on increasing the credit load at M Tech and PhD levels, research work in the industry, teaching assistantship for PhD students. ,.

In the final meeting, one of the BSMA committee member from Gujarat of Anand city Dr Atanu Jana gave a power point presentation on the final syllabus, reference books and research topics for dairy technology students. Associate Dean of Dairy Technology College Professor Y Kotilinga Reddy also submitted his opinions on syllabus changes.

SV Veterinary University Vice-Chancellor Y Haribabu told The Hans India that latest techniques in dairy technology should be incorporated in the country. Accordingly, ICAR took the initiative to modify the syllabus.

“The ICAR formed an academic experts committee to add latest trends in the dairy technology field. The committee has taken our Tirupati College of Dairy Technology faculty opinions too,” the VC added

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