DALHAM Assessment Rating Tool launched for non-stem courses

DALHAM – The Dalham foundation, an independent not-for-profit social enterprise, has launched DALHAM Assessment Rating Tool (D-ART) – an entrance test for admission to non-STEM courses, as per IE report. Over 30 Indian institutes have agreed to enrol students on the basis of the newly launched examination for over 250 courses. So far, no government school is enrolling students through the exam but the founders say that the next step of the examination is to involve state-government universities, said the report.


The first ever registrations for the entrance exam have begun and the process will conclude in May 2019, the exact dates are not announced yet. Interested candidates can apply through the official website, dalhamfoundation.org. The exam is scheduled to be conducted in August and the foundation aims to declare the result by September 2019, noted the report.

The test will be conducted in the computer-based testing (CBT) format. Students will be quizzed on both subject and applied knowledge said the report.

Shekhar A Bhattacharjee,  Co-founder, DALHAM Foundation told the daily, “Half of the examination will judge students on their subject knowledge including topics such as Indian heritage, history, culture, basic mathematics etc. while the other half, students will be asked to describe some random images. This judges the human quotient of the students.”

As part of the admission process, students will also have to submit a video-based statement of purpose. An application fee of Rs 4,999 will be charged for each form. Students can select three courses in one application which can range from B.A. programme, design, media, architecture-aligned and other humanities-based courses.

Bhattacharjee said, “The examination is aiming at changing the way we assess students, it is not about just marks.  There is no common examination for non-STEM courses when around 30 lakh of the students opt for these courses.” The foundation aims to assess 10,000 students in the first batch. He informed that over 45 question paper setters and over 37 evaluators have been involved in the process.

DALHAM is an independent not for profit social enterprise dedicated to advance, promote and NON-STEM education as a lifelong endeavour. DALHAM Foundation aims at increasing the importance of NON-STEM education in both developing and developed nations and is dedicated to introducing products which will serve as advanced tools for creative and liberal education by bringing new-age technology-based analytics for institutions to help students turn their dream into reality. It aims at helping intellectual development meet the latent creativity which is needed to expand beyond the horizons.

D-ART is our first offering for students and institutions to seek admission to various non-stem programmes at the undergraduate level in Government run and privately managed institutions in India. DALHAM will be the first platform in India that deciphers the importance of liberal education through an assessment focused on testing students’ overall development, providing them with insight on their strengths and areas of interest. The recommendations for admission to a variety of programs are made purely on the basis of merit obtained in the Entrance Test conducted by the DALHAM.

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