Develop skills to face challenges of life

Life is full of uncertainties,” they say, and one should be prepared for any eventualities. One does not know what circumstances have in store for them to always be ready for the worst and never lose hope take life in its stride.

The first calamity which falls on a person is the need to earn a livelihood. When someone is faced with making a livelihood for him/her and his/her loved ones, and there is no professional qualification to fall back on then, it is some skill he/she had learnt in childhood or among friends that come to the rescue.

Therefore every parent must teach his/her child some such skill which will be of help in case the need arises.

There are many such skills which can be learnt at home in school or by joining some specific coaching classes. Skills such as cooking, drawing, dancing, singing, outdoor games like skating or excellence in any sport, the ability to play a musical instrument. All these come on handy when one is faced with difficulties. We can start coaching classes at home, or if someone is right, he/she can either start a small eatery or begin sending lunch to office going people. If one is ready to take the responsibility, then he can begin to a crèche at home, but these ventures require one to be very careful regarding the safety of the children. Teaching skating, karate, giving music lessons are also some skills to fall back on.

Thus never think that only studies are essential, hobbies too are imperative and should not be neglected. In fact, in today’s world where overall development is the order of the day and a person’s smartness is also taken into consideration in the job market these private tuitions and coaching classes hold a lot of value. They too are also a thriving business. Coaching children for their overall personality development is a very paying profession. We find so many personality development classes where they teach etiquettes and manners, table manners, public speaking etc. and people do enrol themselves in them. A little bit of stitching and embroidery that our mothers taught us when we were small and which we hated then, now helps us set up a private boutique which is a money spinner, same is the case with grandmother’s ideas of beauty culture.

Women prefer homemade beauty aids to modern cosmetics and visit all these parlours which provide these methods of beauty treatment.  So that which you thought was useless now is your lifesaving device, never forget every skill is worth its weight in gold.

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