Diploma in Mechanical Engineering – An Over View

Mechanical engineering is the most popular branch of engineering and the good news is that it can be pursued even after the 12th as a Diploma course. A diploma in mechanical engineering offers many jobs with very lucrative pay scale.

A Diploma course in Mechanical engineering is of 3 years duration and can be pursued after the 12th

The job market is over flowing with jobs for this particular stream and the pay scale for a beginner ranges from Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 starting salary. There are openings in the hospitality sector, in factories, at the airport, hospitals etc., wherever there is human contact a mechanical engineer is required for maintenance purposes. Employers prefer diploma holders to degree holders because they have to pay less as compared to the pay demanded by degree holders. The starting pay for Diploma holders begins from Rs 8,000 per month to 12,000per month and includes perks like free transport, canteen etc.

Apart from this a diploma holder can even pursue higher studies and aim for a degree if he so wishes by appearing in nationalised exams such as JEE etc.

All diploma holders are also eligible for admission in the lateral entry scheme which has been designed with the sole aim of letting the diploma holders achieve their dream of getting a degree.  All diploma holders are eligible for memberships into engineering institutes like the AMIE. One of the biggest advantages is if that diploma holders  choose to work in manufacturing units on the posts of Technical supervisors , craftsmen etc they  can make use of their technical experience and know how to start a factory of their own.

Another feather in the cap of a diploma holder is the fact that he can start earning from an age when his counterpart in the degree course is still studying and depending on his parents money.  Don’t wait, just register and get you “Diploma”.

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