Do students need to attend 20 marks question or follow the order

The first thing one is taught when he/she goes to take an exam is “do the ones you find easy first don’t follow the order first attack the easy ones “, So that much for “ignoring the order” whether the question is of 5 marks or 1 or 20 do it first if it is easy, this builds a feeling of confidence at least what you have done is right and will fetch you good marks.

Now take an educative guess and attack that one about which you know something, don’t worry about how many marks it contains you extract as many marks as you can with help from whatever you know earn some more marks here. If you know anything about the next question you should answer it and go on earning whatever marks you can this too will boost your moral.

Now comes that part which had us worried should I answer the 20 marks question now? Yes you can because you have already put into your bag all the correct marks you could gather, now come the doubtful ones and here too I wouldn’t advise that you take the 20 marks next, It’s never about the marks associated with the question it is always about how much you can get by answering that question. If you are sure of the answer, if you are sure that what you know about it is correct then you can attempt the 20 marks question first. In fact, in that case, you should attempt it first so that the first question itself garners in 20 marks in one go.

Remember writing an exam is all about getting maximum marks so answer that which you know 100% about, answer that which will fetch you maximum marks in minimum time. Never worry about which question, to answer first it should be how many marks to secure first.

It’s been seen that when students try to follow the order they land up wasting a lot of time

The final bell goes off even before the boys/and girls reach those questions which they are sure about and they have to submit their incomplete answer papers. This is the reason I suppose why nowhere in the world is there a rule which forces a student to answer questions in serial order.

So our motto should be to answer questions in order to collect marks. A question paper is the only place where students are given a free hand to do what they please, as they please it’s another matter what the examiner thinks about their activity, they will be rewarded if the answers are correct. So the answer should be of the examiners choice the order should be the student’s choice

Solve the easy ones first leave the difficult ones for later.

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