Do you have a desire to become a Collector

A bureaucrat of the Indian Administrative Service the District Collector or Collector is appointed by the state government either from among the IAS officers or after promotions from Provincial Civil service.  They are the most influential government executives of the state; they are responsible for everything that is happening in a particular district of the state, the law and order, the development the commercial activities every aspect of growth and well being of a district. They are recruits of the Central Government, it is their task to handle the law and order of that particular district, collect the revenue and taxation. They are also in charge of the planning permission as well as the managing of man-made and natural crisis. Their duties include land assessment, land acquisition, a collection, of land revenue, a collection of income tax dues, excise duties, irrigation dues etc. Distribution of agricultural loans, he is also the Chairman District Bankers Association. A collector also has to see the maintenance of law and order in the district, he has to supervise the activities of the police and the jails.

Put in a nutshell a Collector has to shoulder responsibilities of everything that is happening in a district and that is why he is considered the most influential person in a district. With power comes responsibilities and as we know uneasy lies the head that wears the crown so does a collectors head. He is working round the clock and may be woken up to attend work from the middle of his sleep too. He is not only in charge of manmade crisis but also in cases of natural calamities if there is a flood (which is so common in India) he has to rush to the site to supervise rescue operations. Even a serious road accident requires his presence and these days terrorist activities to have added themselves in his jurisdiction.

  • As far as the salary structure is concerned it is Rs 50,000 per month, in addition there is House Rent Allowance (HRA) Dearness Allowance (DA) and pay revision every six years.
  • He also gets a car, a driver, phone bill reimbursement, unlimited medical benefits for self and dependents free accommodation but in that case, he won’t get an HRA
  • The amount may not be very tempting but when you add the other benefits and perks it comes to the large substantial amount and in addition to all this the incentive of being such a powerful post holder and directly involved in the execution of duties of national interest is a big tempting lure.

To be called a collector is a dream come true. Do you aspire to become a Collector?

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