Do you prefer a Government Job or a Private Job

If this question is asked to the present students, they would say ‘a private job is the best’. A little twist, if you ask a person who is working in a private concern, he will say it’s better to have a government job because own jobs are so uncertain that anytime one can be given the “pink slip”.  Let’s discuss each of them in particular.

Government Job – A government job is more secured. When compared to a private job the amount of pay received is very less; pay scales and slabs are fixed by the State and Central government.  Along with the compensation they receive additional benefits, like free medical treatment in hospitals, free education at government schools for the children. Bonus for a few festivities, salary payment on the 1st of every month, loan facilities etc., and the workload is less when compared to other companies. It’s a 9 to 5 job.  No pressure, no competitions a kind of a peaceful position.  Holidays are big advantages, marriage leave, sick leave, paternity leave, hospitalisation etc., so one can enjoy the benefits of vacation.

But, it is a transferable job, anytime the entire family will have to move, or the working person will have to run, and the rest remain in the place of residence. It is a tedious job, no new implementations, or new initiatives or new learning’s. It is a routine task list to be done.  Just do what is required.  In this competitive world, where every day is a learning experience, a government job robes you of this opportunity. The working atmosphere is not conducive. Most of the tables and chairs are old; you never know when the ceiling fan will hit your head. Such is the infrastructure at a government organisation.

Private Job – Big fat salary, air-conditioned office, a white-collar job, interaction with eminent industry experts. We can learn a lot from seniors; work on the job experience, new ideas, new tools, new implementations, and part of a big brand.  Cultures, celebrations, get together, office lunch, dress code, etc., are there depending on the organisation.  Yearly increments based on the growth of the company, growth regarding designation and salary, exposure to a different working atmosphere.  Some organisations have the leverage of employees working from home, paternity leave for men, maternity leave for women, sick and causal leave etc., Opportunities of an off-site assignment to different countries, exposure to new projects etc.,

But, there is always an uncertainty, politics in the organisation, survival of the fittest competition, backstabbing, partiality, and favouritism etc., Most of the companies are looking for young people, and the old become invalid. Very few companies like Ford values the efforts of their past employees and they don’t let them leave.  An employee is always under pressure to overperform. And the biggest challenge is the “pink slip”.  It can happen any time on any day.

So there are advantages and disadvantages in both the job profiles.

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